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    Books donation came in the line of eyedonation,body donation at Madurai

    Donating food,Education,place are treated superior among donations. This was followed in our country since many decades. The donating of eye is become familiar nowadays in many places. Similarly the body donation in the name of 'Ang dhaan' is also there. The two donations have immense value among the donation.

    Recently a Politechnic Lecturer,Ms.Archana Deiva and Mr.Saravanan, a Primary School Headmaster of Madurai planned and organized a set-up for donating books to the needy. They collect donations and books from willing persons and offering books to the needy school children. They do study on the schools and children where the need is there and they offer books to them. They started this one in the year 2016 and they offered books to 13 schools so far. The main motto in this is the book reading habit should get developed in the school students level itself as many children are dumped with mobiles and computers in the young tender age.
    We will appreciate their effort and do our best in our area also like this.
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    It is a good move to distribute books to needy by collecting from other persons. In this world, the best donation is donating food. Then comes the donation of parts of the body. Olden days this aspect is not known to many people especially in villages. But these days this aspect has become very popular and many people are coming forward for donating their body parts after the death.
    Donating Education is also a good phenomenon. If you can teach at least one kid for about an hour a day without expecting anything in return will give you an excellent satisfaction and the student will also get benefitted. Donating books is also a very good quality and it will be useful for many students for their studies.
    We have distributed some books to the guests who came to the marriage of my son. These books are written by my father and we got it printed and distributed to the guests.

    always confident

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    I think donation of books is not new. Instead, it is continuing since ages. The number of students who sell their books after completing their studies are far less than those who gift or in other words donate their books to someone in the family, friend circle, neighborhood, social circle or to any library or educational institution.

    Donations doesn't mean that it should essentially be executed with much publicity and fanfare. It can very well be a silent and unsung affair.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are people like these individuals who donate books to needy school children. This is done by giving money to the needy school, that you buy what students want or the donors themselves buy/collect the books and give it to the school children directly.

    We can do this with the old school books also, instead of keeping them or giving to our relatives, we can give it to the people who can't afford. They can use it for their children and local poor schools. Lot of people think, giving away old books is not a good form of donation, for me, some books, although used is better than nothing for the poor children.

    There are many websites that co-ordinate book donations. Some of them run specific online campaigns if you know a poor school that needs help. some of these site are

    The sad side to such donations are that people in local politics, aspiring Councillors etc start this process early to gain support and publicity.

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    Donating the books for the deserved is the most noble cause and that is called Vidhya Dhaan, Not only books if one could take the responsibility of educating a child for the life, that is even more noble cause.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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