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    Is there any cost involved in maintaining health?

    In Hindi language, there is an established saying - 'Pehla Sukh Nirogi Kaya' which literally means that the 'first and foremost cause of happiness for humans is good health or fit body'. In English language also it is said that 'Health is Wealth'.

    However, when we talk about maintaining health, the people start talking about joining a gymnasium, buying expensive tracksuit and sports shoes for walking/jogging or buying imported variety of treadmill etc. People also talk about eating expensive food like quinoa, oatmeal mixed with chia seeds and flax seeds, soaked and peeled almond and what not.

    In this connection my simple question is - whether maintaining health essentially involves higher cost?
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    In Tamil there is a saying,'Suvar irunthal thaan chiththiram' which means the wall should be there for drawing a picture with an inner meaning that the body should be pucca to do anything. This reiterates the importance of good health. We many of us nowadays thinking that periodical chek up, eating this and that(as read in computer,whatsup etc.,) are the main things to keep the body with good health. But according to me the keeping body with good health is regularity in food and sleep, control in eating, maintaining food pattern are enough. My father never gone to doctor and lived upto 86 years without BP or sugar. He never eat anything which is unwanted and he did all his work by himself.

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    I say definitely 'No". Maintaining health is never costly. In fact, it saves money. You may ask" How". if you are healthy you need not go to a doctor or a hospital. For being healthy, you have to have good eating habits. Eating Junk food or outside food is never advisable for good health. This makes you eat in-house and house-made products only. They are definitely cheaper than going out and eating outside. No separate dress is required and the shoe is required for walking. Even if you purchase they never cost you very heavily. If you have good eating habits and daily if you have a normal walk for about an hour covering 10,000 step a day will give you a good health and you need not spend any additional money for joining Gym or buying medicines. So in my opinion, if you maintain a good health you will save a good amount of money and it will not cost you any additional amounts.
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    May be "YES" & may be "NO",could be anything on the monetary front.

    The simple definition of "Being Healthy" is "the state of being free from illness or injury", doesn't require much funding & so through a simple life style we can lead to a better & healthy life. So in case our life style gets changed then for sure would also effect our health too.

    There is a famous saying,

    "Early to bed and early to rise makes and man healthy, wealthy and wise".

    Now, if looking for something that we call as muscular physic then possible the same will require money part.

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    In this connection my simple question is - whether maintaining health essentially involves higher cost? the answer to this question is in between, neither it requires high cost nor it is free to maintain the good health. You require good nutrient diet, green vegetables, fresh seasonal fruits,regular walk or exercise. Apart from this annual medical check up and follow up treatment.These all requires fair money.
    The greatest wealth in this world is mental peace and good health.

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    To keep one healthy no extra cost is needed. Follow a systematic life from the very beginning. Never overdo, never overeat, never oversleep.
    Those who do sedentary works may need to give some movements to the body. For which walking, cycling, swimming, or any other suitable one can be chosen. Swimming is advised as a best type of exercise for those who do not otherwise physically do anything. Eating time schedule must be as far as possible uniform. Late night eating is unhealthy. Water must be taken sufficiently. Oversleeping must be avoided. Early to bed early to rise to be followed. Just like this a systematic life style will keep one healthy.


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    There is a old Tamil Saying that " Vaidhayanukku kudukkavendiadhai Vaaniganukku kodu " that means instead of spending for the doctors, spend money in purchasing oil from the oil dealer. It is the fact that in olden days people used to have head bath with oil and used to have good oily food and thus prevent the disease. Only in the recent past we have been habituated to Sunflower oil and Rice bran oil. Either too our elders used to have groundnut oil in every preparation and thus the health used to be good. So people are getting new disease by shifting other kind of cooking oil and thus we are spending mre on doctors.
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    We should view health as an investment and our body as a temple. If we maintain discipline in our daily lives with respect to what we eat, what we do, the level of stress, relaxation and exercise, then certainly we will be healthy and have a longer life. There would be a small cost involved to this but it need not be fashionable with all the high end supplements.

    For instance peeled almonds is advised as proteins but is expensive.Those who cannot afford have the alternative in Chana. White/black chana is referred to as the poor man's almond.

    Some years ago, NIN, Hyderabad developed a healthy food recipe for the poorest of poor. Wheat(40gms), Bengal gram(16gm), Groundnut(10gms),Jaggery (20gm). With this less than 100 gm healthy food, we get 11 gms of protein and 330kcal of energy. Similarly, there would be many/ even better examples of economical but nutritious food.

    As far as the branded good for the gym goes, I laugh to myself, when I see people in glowing spandex, handbands, arm bands, mobile holder for the arms etc. It is more of a fashion/luxury for some. No harm if they can afford it. If one can't afford, they no issues, we can just do with the bare necessities too. I just go with a simple T-shirt/shorts and one running shoes that's around Rs 1000.

    So, health need not be costly, it can be made affordable based on one's budget.

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