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    Finally TDP is out of NDA.

    It is over. The friendship between the two parties namely, BJP and TDP, has come to an end. The TDP chief Naidu announced that they will be coming out of NDA. Immediately it may not give any impact to the ruling BJP in the centre. But it appears as if BJP is losing its friends.Naidu also said he will support the no-confidence motion against the BJP government if YSRCP initiates the same. He has given a long rope to the NDA government before coming to this decision. The absence of Venkiah Naidu in the active politics is shown its effect not only on TDP BJP relation but also on the strength of the BJP as a national party.
    It may be difficult for the party if the same trend continues for the party in 2019. In South, all the six states are nowhere near to BJP. The recent by election results in UP also indicated that SP and BSP union has given a threat to BJP. As such, I feel BJP think tank should work out its strategy very carefully so that they will not have any problem in 2019 elections.
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    It is a loss for both the parties. As both the parties failed to fulfil their promises, they wanted to put blame on each other. As for TDP is concerned, there is no other option left for it except pulling out of NDA. Back home, Pawan Kalyan exerted pressure on TDP by forming a fact finding committee. The committee made it clear that the Center is not giving funds. Even after finding that the Center is not giving funds, if TDP remains with NDA, it will give wrong signal to the public. So, he pulled out his two ministers.
    After detaching himself from NDA in 2016 when Center announced special package, Pawan Kalyan moved closely with Left Parties. Now, Pawan Kalyan targeted even TDP also for its corruption and accepting Special Package in the place of Special Category Status and again TDP going back to demanding Special Status now at the fag end.
    We can conclude that TDP has dug its own grave by accepting Special Package. Now, TDP is left with no alliances and it is very difficult to sail the next elections without any alliance in AP. TDP may allege that BJP is playing games on TDP with the help of Pawan Kalyan but people may not accept it as Pawan Kalyan is the one who revolted against BJP first and TDP kept on supporting NDA till now.

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    The TDP chief Naidu was putting pressure for special status for AP. AP is well developed state having vast agriculture land. The Geographical and the economic condition is not so worse that it requires special status. BJP has done the right thing by not to scumb the pressure of TDP. The result of 2019 elections can be anything. BJP should not become overconfident.
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    AP CM, Chandrababu Naidu has done as I expected and replied to a relevant thread(#628741) What will be the best way for TDP now.. He has withdrawn from the alliance and also distanced himself from the other factions (YSR). Now he has the backing and faith of the people of AP who would view Naidu as a person who is for them and not like others trying to have ties with BJP.

    What concerns me is, BJP think tank has a reasonably good reputation, did they misread the whole situation? or did they wish Naidu severing ties? There are some reports of irregularities in state transactions and AP's reluctance to allow center supervise the developmental funds spent so far.

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    I totally agree with the statement in the thread "The absence of Venkiah Naidu in the active politics is shown its effect not only on TDP BJP relation but also on the strength of the BJP as a national party."

    Even when Naidu was chosen as the VP candidate by NDA, I had foreseen this and foretold it in this thread

    I quote:
    "BJP is capitalising on the qualities of Venkiah Naiduas a trouble shooter and a person who can steer his party's and government's way without creating bitterness. He has friends across parties and does not provoke or rub unnecessarily with opposition or media. This amiable and amicable quality makes him a person who can get things done even when there are strong differences.........................But I feel that they could have spared Naidu and utilised his experience for the next Lok Sabha elections . "Unquote

    BJP had lost its trusted trouble shooter Pramod Mahaajan and that showed and shows in its relationship with Shiv Sena, probably the most dependable and steady partner in NDA. Even now BJP should try to mend its relationship with Shiv Sena, as they are more natural allies.

    As politicians are opportunists(BJP not exemption) when opposition parties see that NDA is weakening, there would be exploitation of the opportunity and more and more unsatisfied and opportunistic elements would be lured and weaned away. Hence it is for BJP to know who is its real well wisher and keep them with it. It should also be proactive to reduce their grievances.

    It is high time for BJP to shed its overconfidence and be more amenable and adjustable to alliance partners, without yielding to blackmail.

    It is also high time that people are told transparently what the government is doing. There is no use closing the stable after horse has fled. What Arun Jaitley explained today could have been explained a few days ago. People would have understood the situation and TDP would have hesitated. They are really under local compulsions and we cannot blame them. BJP has bad managers for the alliance maintenance.

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    The major game plan of Amit Shah and PM Modi against the Chandrababu Naidu government has worked. First they took the confidence of the YS Jagan that he would support the BJP in present and future. Then they shifted Venkaiah Naidu who was also pitching for special status in strongest terms. By shifting him to Vice Presidential post, he has been silenced. Now that Chandrababu made the exit, Amit Shah will formalise the alliance with YSR Congress party. But what is astonishing many that when Modi is taking about routing out the corruption, how can he take sides and support of the most corrupted person in Jagan Mohan Reddy on whom still the cases were running ? What I expect that the Vice President Venkaiah Naidu must resign and that would be the biggest bombshell against the BJP. And if he does so, he will get more support and sympathy and in future he has every chance of becoming the President of the Country. He should think now for the cause of AP.
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    We should not forget that BJP is not a regional party like TDP. The aspirations of a national party like TDP are bound to different than the aspirations of a national party like BJP. Though alliances are formed between national parties and regional parties, but their objectives remain totally different.

    Political leaders want to become the top leader i.e. either a Prime Minister of India or Chief Minister of a state. Because of such considerations there are many regional parties in India in almost all bigger states like SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh, RJD and JDU in Bihar, AITC in West Bengal, DMK and ADMK in Tamil Nadu, AAP in Delhi, AGP in Assam, BJD in Odisha, SAD in Punjab and TDP/TRS in Telangana/ Andhra Pradesh.

    Many new states in India have been created just for accommodating highly ambitious political leaders as a Chief Minister.

    Thus political equations go on changing depending upon the situations for the selfish gains of the politics leaders to satiate their power hunger. There is neither anything new, nor surprising in such developments.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    When it comes to South the BJP could not make major penetration. Except for grabbing power for once, they are immaterial in the South. BJP has the compulsion to consider regional parties in South. In Telangana, they cannot go alone and has to take TRS with them, but already KCR is against BJP for not allotting funds and many more grievances. In AP BJP may go with YSR Congress party, but again the corruption tag with Jagan Mohan will spoil the BJP image of corrupt free party, In Tamil Nadu both Kamal and Rajni want to start new parties and thus BJP cannot even enter that state, For Pondichery it is the stronghold of AIADMK or DMK in turns. The only chance the BJP this time has is to enter Karnataka and again the CM Candidate for the party is not trustworthy and has corrupt mark. Kerala cannot be imagined. So BJP has to forgo the South. That is why separate nation of all the South states as Dravida Nadu is gaining momentum.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We can't say that the same has been ended.

    There seems to be the internal politics & may the alliance would continue if communications starts & levels the gap. This happened in the past also as is proven in Bihar with the Nitish Government.

    I have observed that with PM Modi anything is uncertain. In another words, it's not possible for any of us to even imagine about what's going on in the mind of PM Modi. He himself has made an announcement in different media as well in various platforms that the election may happen this year only which is against as planned or scheduled in the next year in 2019. His announcements with reference to the reforms of GST & Demonetization were also unpredictable.

    So enjoy his policies & see the turnings.

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