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    Why do I remember my younger days when my parents were fighting poverty?

    Now I have crossed the half-century mark. As an introvert who interacts the barest minimum with colleagues, friends (do I have friends?) and even with relatives. But I talk a lot with myself. I talk to me about those younger days. I tell my other self about the small incidents which happened during my childhood and my teenage. I vividly remember many incidents which created different types of feelings in my impressionable mind. I can easily see in my mind's eye the continuous and long struggle which my parents faced years together to make their three children succeed in life.

    By the grace of Almighty, my parents are still there in Kolkata. Even though they are very old, they don't take any help from their three children. They live in their own world in their own flat in Kolkata. They are now leading their sunset years in their own way. Everyday, they call me at a fixed time. Even if I do some other thing, whenever I hear their voice, I go back to those days. I clearly see their everyday struggle in the seventies, eighties and early part of nineties.

    But what astonishes me? During those days, my younger brother (who is one year and eleven months younger than me) and I used to take resolve to study hard and get good jobs to come out of that miserable, poverty-stricken days. But have we come out of those days? I don't know. Why do those days come back almost everyday to haunt me? Who can answer me?
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    It is very difficult to forget hard experiences. I was also from a lower middle-class family and I was the eldest among the 5 brother and second in 9 brothers and sisters. I know the hardships my father and my mother underwent in making all their children well educated and by the grace of GOD, now all of us are well settled. My parents are still enjoying their lives in our native place. They never expect anything from us. They are taking care of themselves. I send my father medicines every month. Every day I will give a ring to them in the night between 7 PM to 9 PM. I always remember the hardships and difficulties they experienced and I never forget those days anytime. The problems we faced during those days and how I got adjusted to many situations what I faced during those days.
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    The value of parents is understood only after having our own children. Though we come across ballads about mothers in all languages and cultures across the globe, but fathers always remained an unsung hero.

    We can never escape our past, whether it was comfortable or full of challenges. Also, there is no absolute definition of being rich or poor. It is all comparative. What a middle class person like us rates as being 'better position' may be rated as average by someone else.

    We start forgetting things including our past after crossing certain age say in sixtees and seventees when we enter the era of grandchildren though a feeble hangover of the childhood days always lingers on.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Why do those days come back almost everyday to haunt me? -a relevant and practical question.

    The answer lies in the proverb or saying: "No one knows where the shoe pinches except the one who wears".
    Now you are wearing the shoes of a parent/ Gruhanaath, having onw responsibilities to discharge. So a natural awe and respect for our parents or elders comes, wondering how they managed all these with their meagre resources and still kept poise.

    Just natural. Realisation comes in due course. Those on whom the 'realisation' dawns early are wise and blessed.

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    In some aspects & somewhere we all have gone through these stages of life. Few are still managing the hardships of life. This goes on.

    We are not that much capable of that to understand about how the activities in the world functions or takes place. It's not possible as we only can rely these to the furnished theories of the religions that we believe into. So its good to learn about these in the lesser times possible for us.

    No one has the perfect world so face it move on as we are already in-transit of our journey, never knew when going to get end-up.

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    Many of us are from a humble background and it is natural to remember those old days full of struggle and hoping for a satisfying career ahead.

    The pangs of poverty and attacks of adversities is something which makes a indelible mark in our memory.

    I think it is a normal thing if we are remembering it time to time. It also means that it is permanently dwelling in our subconscious mind.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In every home the parents have taken utmost care of their children no matter how many they were and they were suffering the challenge with silence. Good that you remember your parents daily and their challenging past. If a person remembers the past, he becomes humble to others even in present circumstances. There is a saying in Hindi that we should not forget the past. Those who are now leaving the lavish life, once had the challenging past, but they would like to forget the same and wont even reveal it to the children so that they should not under mean them. My pranams to your parents and their self living style at this ripe age.
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    It's the circle of life, as a child grows up, the parent grows old, as the child becomes a parent, the parent becomes a grandparent and this keeps going on.

    Over the generations, our core demands and how we meet them are basically the same. There are only minor alternations. The journey for being provided and nurtured to become a provider and a nurturer evokes lots of similarities as the basics are the same, food, clothing, shelter, education, holidays and the key ingredient for this is money. The struggles of life are also similar only with a different time frame.

    So, when similarities flash by our mind obviously go back to our parents or the eldest sibling who was doing it for us. With our love and regard for our parents we put them on a high pedestal for what they did for us and in due course, our children would be doing the same for us.

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