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    Is capital punishment justified in child rape cases only?

    Today Haryana assembly unanimously passed the Criminal Law (Haryana Amendment) Bill, 2018 which provides for capital punishment in case of rape of a girl up to 12 years of age. After Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan, Haryana has become the third State where the Assembly has approved the provision of capital punishment for such sexual offenders.

    No doubt, the civil society will welcome such a move. However, there had been demands from the society for making provisions for capital punishment in all rape cases. In this context the question arises as to whether capital punishment is justified in child rape cases only or it should be provided for all rape cases?
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    I am also interested in the opinion of the author as well about what should be the justifiable law in the present context ?

    For me, I don't agree with the capital punishment. For me, the victim should be given with complete security & fund should be given to the victim from the criminal side till the time the victim stand on its own or till this required to the victim.

    The law in implementation is justifiable when is helps in reimbursement to the victim & at the same time suggesting the punishment for the criminal so that the same wouldn't get repeated in the future. The sad part is that it's not possible as the human instinct uncertain & unpredictable.

    So what could be done ?

    At least we can go for something which can instill fear in the criminals. But at the same time educating society would be the most important of all.

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    We should appreciate the decision taken by the MP, Rajasthan and Haryana for passing the bill prescribing capital punishment to the offenders in rape cases involving the girls up to 12 years. But why only up to 12 Years? There is no logic. They might have passed the bill for any type of rape case. Of course, it is better if all rape cases are also included in this. At least there is a beginning.
    I definitely feel that all offenders in any rape cases should be brought under this act. Then there may be some use. All state governments should bring in this act in their respective states.

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    Captial punishment is again a touchy subject in a democratic and a tolerant country like ours. This has been allowed here because rape is also a heinous crime, more if the victim is a child. A few months back, I felt this was a good step forward and raise a thread MP first state to push for a death penalty for rape of girls up to 12 years old..

    Even Karnataka has considered this change. I see a change in the way judiciary and police view criminals and their crimes. In, UP criminals are warned that they would have to face the guns if they keep committing crimes. Just yesterday, the Karnataka home minister has asked cops to be tough on criminals and not to hesitate to shoot at anti-social people including rapists.

    I feel we should let capital punishment be active in India as this would be a way forward to control the crimes rates with the limited stretched resources we have and more importantly the victims do not need to have a prolonged suffering until the case is decided.

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    I am fully supporting the Haryana government for coming up with new law to have death penalty for the rapists and there cannot be second thoughts on that. In the recent past the atrocities on women and girl child has increased in the Hindi heart belt and hence one after the other governments felt the need to enact such stringent laws to protect the women and girl child. Only yesterday I came across the news that a one year old girl child was raped by the neighbour in Delhi. And the culprits who were arrested would come out of bail and then resort to same atrocities in future too. Therefore I am of the opinion that all the state government should emulate the example of capital punishment suggested and implemented in many states. Even central government should bring in such laws so that no wrong doer should escape from the death penalty.
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    No, it cannot be justified at any cost. Does our government want to generate revenue by this type of rape cases? It is the shameful act. In many countries, there is very hard punishment for rape cases and if the government is serious to prevent rape cases in India she has to implement this type of hard punishment. Government making it legal for a person to pay and can rape a girl.
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    Recently, there was a video clip shared in social media in which the culprit was shown being executed in public within 1 or 2 days of committing crime in some foreign country.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Keep on one side discussing about the justification of awarding capital punishment to such crimes. But the pity is the court gives a chance to the culprit for appeal and making him to escape by delaying the award though there was pucca evidence during the trial itself.

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    Whether capital punishment is justified in child rape cases only or it should be provided for all rape cases?
    It may have different opinions. I think all rapist should be given capital punishment. There should also be the same punishment for the lady who fabricates for false cases.

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