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    Why many people enjoy discussing politics?

    Whenever there is a gathering people chat and discuss various matters related to them or society or nation.

    Most of the times the discussions are about politics and political system in the country. Who will win the election? Which is a better party? How will the corruption be removed from public places?

    The discussions on science, technology and other knowledge base subjects are minimal. Even if you start it the participants lose interest soon and again come back to the usual political discussions.

    Do we have nothing else to discuss except politics?
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    The topics on society, politics and the nation are general in nature. These are very important because they are the ones that affect our lives. Science and technology are subject-specific and only those who know about them can discuss.
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    Besides politics, the other most common topics for chit-chat or small talks in India are weather, price hike, traffic, pollution, television serials, social networking sites and Indo-Pak relation etc. However, it is true that people enjoy most discussions about politics as pointed out by the author of the thread.

    One of the possible reasons may be the fact that discussions about politics requires no preparations as the newspapers and news channels of television keep on providing food for thought. Also, people find much amusement in discussions about politics as there are humorous political characters like Lalu ji, Kejriwal, Mamta Banerjee and to top them all, Rahul Gandhi.

    Indians across globe are known for their great chit-chat talent and they leave no stone unturned to pass time even at workplaces through discussions and debates on any damn topic on earth to eschew hard work.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Different people have different interests. When two or more people join after the first introduction they move to some topic. Certain people may go for cinema, some about a recent journey they enjoyed, again another group of people about their work, etc. Politics also become a choice for some. That is the simple reason is to while away the time. Some may be ardent politicians, but majority will be just speaking out their opinions.
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    Generally, when people from different areas of lives meet they will be experts in their own field and they can teach that subject to others as others may not have a good understanding of the subject. But everybody will have a better knowledge of politics, political leaders and parties, So good discussion will take s place and time will get passed. That is why the common discussion will be on this subject.
    Another common subject of discussion is about movies and cinema actors. This discussion will also go very interestingly and all will participate in the discussion. But sometimes this two topic discussions will lead to controversies and raise disputes among the people. This sort of discussions especially in villages will lead to enmity among the people,

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    If you look at it from the view-point of a citizen, he/she should have interest in politics and what's happening around in the country.

    We pay our taxes, election polticians who are our representative, who sits in the offical chair instead of us. So, we, citizens should keep track of what elected politcians and parties are doing. Are they doing what we want? is it good for the people and the country?

    Apart form this, we all love talking when we are in a gathering, at bus stops, at railways stations, even when guests come home. It is a easy topic that can keep the group engaged for sometime. Nothing is lost, no special knowledge (like in science/medicine) is needed to participate.

    We need to be careful, because at times political discussion or strong views being expressed can turn into an argument and people may fallout of friendship too. We need to know the limits, quoting one of my old thread would be relevant here to complete this Why do disscussions on Politics become very personal?.

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    I don't know who said this but "Interest"& "Fear" are the two basis on which we got attached to the different entities in this world.

    In the current scenario this seems to be the "Interest".

    Adding, the politics is the most talked about subject in India since this came into existence. So much influence that "Chess" has been invented here in India.

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    It is because of only many ifs and buts are there in politics and politicians. No one is accepting other's view in politics as there is no firm view on the subject. Not only in politics, but also in sports,cinemas also such a pros and cons are found. So it is good to one to enter into the discussion even without knowing the topic or subject as the tips may be available once started the issue.
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    Another: My mother is great than your mother, she will speak more than one hour without any topic.

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