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    What is in the name ?

    Often we are driven by a "Name" or a "Brand"!

    Do you agree?

    We did one project wherein I had to do some research on the Soft Drinks Market. We requested one soft drink manufacturing company for a meeting with them & we gathered some information on their research also. What they found was quite interesting for us.

    They did an experiment with the customer. In the first place, they exchanged the content of the bottle. Means one branded bottle had the local soft drink filled in that & offered to the customer & the customer liked that.

    In the second experiment, they offered to the customer the local branded bottle with branded soft drink filled in that but the customer disliked that. What we came to the conclusion is that the customer has a developed but at the same time preoccupied taste in which he makes a distinction wherein the brand or a name comes first.

    Do you feel that the same is the case with us all?
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    Many people will have preconceived ideas and opinions of the products. For example for every product there is a very famous brand will be there. So when we offer the product of that brand they will taste with a thought that the taste will be good. So they will feel it is good. This is the feel or the opinion they have will matter more than the actual quality of the product. But a person who is very familiar with the product will easily identify the duplicate brand.
    Many Industries do such experiments and try to get the advantage. Many companies declare some products as export quality. If you see the quality actually there will not be any different. The difference will be only packing. The same product will be packed in two methods. One is for export and the other is for the local market.
    Another important point we have to observe is some defective products which are not fit for export will be packed in expert packing and released in the local market as an export quality product with a higher rate.

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    It is the fact that we are driven by the name and the brand. For those of us when we are habituated to a brand, it is difficult to shift the brand loyalty. That was felt in the recent past when Hindustan Lever were virtually boycotted and people were started using the Patanjali products. But for the brand loyalists the shift was difficult and still people are unable to cope up. Branded products are assured of the quality and though their pricing may be varied in every purchase, people are not worried about pittance increase in price if the same quality is maintained. But when the quality deteriorates, then that is the end phase of the brand.
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    Apart from brand, in the past there was a craze for anything imported. On a lighter vain, it can be said that we were so obsessive with anything of foreign origin that we just missed by a whisker our chance to have an imported Prime Minister. Still there is a craze about imported degrees in foreign universities.

    Nowadays, Chinese goods have taken over. We have mentally associated the Chinese goods with factors like cheaper cost, less durability etc.

    As far as the contemporary brands are concerned, the Patanjali has taken over. They are supposed to be beneficial over any product of multinational brand irrespective of the factual scenario.

    Once, I felt quite elated when during my visit to Bangladesh, I overheard one person boasting that his daughter uses only Indian cosmetics.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is really surprising that many people blindly believe in the brands. Companies are benefitted by this psychology of the people and sometimes take advantage.

    The impact of a brand is sometimes so deep in the mind that a person will never accept that it's quality can be inferior.

    We must see things with open mind and use our common sense to differentiate between the qualities of the products irrespective of whether they are branded or not.

    Knowledge is power.

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    There are several consumer items which are more known by its brand name than the items name. For example during my college going days I had seen people ask for ' scissors' instead of cigarettes. Even now the Refrigerator is referred as ' fridge' , which was the name of a brand of refrigerator.
    Similarly there are several products generally referred by its brand name. This is because of constant use and advertisements. 'Jeep' is another such example, if I remember correctly.


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    We all associate the product or the service we need to a particular brand or label. I think, it is like previous experience which we've had in the past that has already imprinted in our minds that it is the best.

    For instances, shoes, most of us get used to a particular brand and when we have to change, we always under estimate the quality of the others. I had a chance to try a unbranded shoe that is locally made in Bangalore, it's half the price, initially I was very skeptical and for a couple of weeks felt it is not good but after sometime I realized the finish and comfort was as good as the branded one.

    The same with doctors, my parents would not seen another doctor, if their regular physician is on leave(even if the other person is equally good). Their reason is that the other doctor is 'not as good' as their regular doctor. I think, we need to give alternate brands/companies to prove their worth. The problem is how to overcome the bias that we have developed due to the liking we have for the previous brand?

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