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    During which time slot of the day, maximum new ideas come to our mind?

    Human brain never remains idle. It works round the clock and generates new ideas also as and when required. However, it appears that the capacity of brain to generate new ideas is not same throughout the day. Instead, it goes on changing depending on many factors including time, place, surroundings etc.

    Generally speaking there are more chances of generation of new ideas when one is not surrounded by many persons e.g. while taking bath or doing other activities in isolation. What are your experiences in this regard? During which time slot of the day, maximum new ideas come to our mind?
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    Our mind is always working and in its thought process, new ideas are generated continuously.

    Sometimes we are busy in routine things and general matters and in such situations new ideas may not be generated but when we are free from the worldly affairs and are pondering in a particular subject of our interest then the chances of new ideas to be generated are more.

    Many people believe that new ideas are generally generated in the morning when we get up from a good night's sleep and feel fresh in our mind and that may be true in case of certain people but I believe it's not a general rule.

    Ideas can be generated anytime depending on our activities. A silent walk in the lap of nature or meditating in a place of worship or going on a journey all alone are the ideal situations to generate new ideas.

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    For me the new ideas would emanate while moving on the road, while being wake up at the early in the morning when the whole world is sleeping. When a idea is flashed, immediately I will write in a piece of paper for remembrance later and sharing with others.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that new ideas come to mind when we are alone. I have observed new ideas come to mind after the namaaz of every morning. It is time when there is a peace all around and our mood is also fresh. Sometimes as the author says, new ideas come to mind at the time of bath, when we go to sleep, etc.
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    The human brain will be working 24X7. I think the brain will be active during we sleep also. My general observation is the mind will be calm and working quietly in the morning. So when we get up early in the morning we will get good ideas. So it is always good to get early and sit silently for some time so that we will get good ideas.
    Another observation I have made earlier is if we are thinking about a problem before we go to bed, after sleeping for some time we will get up and a solution for the problem will be automatically come out. This particular concept has been experienced by me many times in my career. Once if you start thinking about a problem you will not get a solution easily basing on the complexity of the problem. In such case, if you go to sleep thinking about the problem you are sure you will find a solution.

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    Generating a new idea or a solution to an existing problem needs the right environment. At times a new idea flashes by when we are in the middle of something or when we see some event happening in real life, on TV or even while we are watching a movie.

    Generally early mornings, after a period of rest and once recharged (coffee, tea or food/glucose) we often find a good answer or a better option.At times, when our thoughts are in a logjam and quick walk around or a short break of around half an hour helps a lot.

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    There is no ideal slot of the day to get maximum new ideas. You need to look around and anything can strike you which can turn into a beautiful idea. It never depends on time, place or people around you. Sometimes a crowded place might give you an idea which you might not have got while you were alone.

    It is all about the creativeness of the mind and clearly doesn't depend on any particular time slot of the day. If you depend on a particular time slot to get new ideas, watch out for they can be monotonous ideas.

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