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    Are the Center's policies leading to regionalism?

    There is a lot of dissent gaining against the Center from the southern states in the recent times. Karnataka CM calculated the tax they paid from the state and said that they are receiving only 47 paise in return for one rupee they paid while a northern state like UP is getting Rs.1.49. Mr.Chandra Babu and Mr. KCR also expressed the same sentiment recently with their calculations of the tax payment of the State. The more developed south Indian states are paying more and getting less share from Centre. If this trend goes on, the federal system of our democracy will get strained and southern states may deviate from the mainstream. The present BJP government, especially, is showing a lot of partiality in providing economic assistance and they are giving more importance to the states administered by their party for getting benefits in favor of them during elections. What steps would you suggest to stop this disparity?
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    Reading this thread, I go back to late 1950s. At least some Members have heard about ''Freight equalisation'' policy brought by TT Krishnamachari, the Tamil Finance Minister of India during late fifties. He brought this infamous policy to destroy the economy of the state of West Bengal, which had already been severely affected by partition. This was done to help the southern states.

    Now, some of these states are getting the taste of their own medicine and blaming BJP. Friends, please remember that this terrible policy was brought to teach the Bengali politicians a lesson and help southern states by TTK, citing the reason of ''equitable development''.

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    Not only now earlier times also the central government is having a similar attitude towards southern States. Even if you see the railway department, more income comes from southern and south-central railways but the improvements were done in other areas. I thought BJP government may not do that. But I was proved wrong they are also travelling in the same boat. Why this attitude, I don't understand. Then only PM from the Southern States was given a very raw deal when he left this world. No place was given to his dead body in the country's capital. I feel a day has come to the Southern states to think and form a front to get justice done to the region. Otherwise, this partisan attitude by the national parties will continue. Like Separate state agitation, we may wait for a separate country for southern India if the same trend continues.
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    Two wrongs do not make a right. When something wrong is done it is to be rectified and not to be repeated. I do not want any sort of regionalism creeping into our country. It is not always possible to treat all the same. The weak are to be supported even at the expense of the strong. The policies always should not be analysed on the basis of regionalism unless there is a deliberate attempt by the government.
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    We will be witnessing these more in the coming times as the election is due by next year & every political parties will be more active & so would raise the local issues as well so to attract the public attention.

    Recently we saw the activities during the UP Elections between the Samajwadi Party (SP) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), who entered an election pact for the first time after 1993 Assembly polls & with a huge success which were not expected but on that basis they are preparing the blueprint for the coming elections.

    Again the list is long that in another progress, Chandra Babu Naidu's Telugu Desam Party quits the NDA.

    If we observe then there is only party that is recognized at the national level which is BJP. Even the Congress party remains no where to this as per the performance so far. So seemed to be the that at local level the chemistry is going to be more drastic changes.

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    India has the highest disparity among states and it's contribution to the national GDP. If you look at last year's figures, the top 4 states in terms of their contribution to GDP were Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, AP & Telangana. These figures if true reflect the gross mismatch and it is inappropriate. Who verifies these figures? Was the difference so obvious prior to BJP coming into power. I feel, the give and take between the state and the center should be proportional. How long do the states that contribute more will keep quiet about such inconsistencies. The center should have a different strategy to help the states lagging behind. If this inappropriate trend continues then it would utilized by some politicians and parties to rebel, then there would be more dissent and our unity will be affected.

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    I have not properly understood response #629964 . The response says: '' I do not want any sort of regionalism creeping into our country. It is not always possible to treat all the same. The weak are to be supported even at the expense of the strong.'' If the weak is supported even at the expense of the strong, then the Central Government is precisely doing it. Then what is the reason behind the objection?

    Or does this objection come from illogical and blind hatred towards a particular party?

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    Right from the NTR period, we have been made known clearly in every statement that centre has been showing partisan attitude to the Southern states and that forced him to become the chairman of National Front to bring drastic changes in centre to state funding. Even yesterday when Chandrababu Naidu in his NDA exit statement clearly pointed that funds promised were not delivered and hence forced to leave the alliance. One thing is sure even SCR in Railways are the best earner to our Nation and in return we do not get new trains, new routes and we have to beg for new projects. That is why vexed over this every time happening , the Southern political leaders are mulling over the idea of forming a separate country for the southern states, then only the North Indian rulers would know the importance of South India and their contribution to the national pool of income.
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    BJP has never been a part of the government in the states of West Bengal, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Mizoram and Telangana. However, presently BJP has its Chief Ministers in 15 states and it is a junior ally in 5 other states.

    There is no prize for guessing as to which states will be given preferential treatment by the political party ruling in the centre though theoretically all states should be treated equally by the union government.

    The states which contribute in forming government at the centre by a political party by voting for it's candidates, naturally become dearer to the concerned national political party, be it BJP or INC.

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