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    Do you in agreement with the Telangana government in the reservation issue?

    While AP is fighting with Central Government for the benefit of the state, the TRS government under the leadership of KCR is declaring war with the NDA government in the centre for increasing the percentage of reservations more than 50%. ALready many states are touching the mark of 50%, keeping silent as there is a verdict from the Supreme court 's verdict in a case regarding the reservations.
    But the KCR government committed to MIM to be friendly with him the particular quota of reservation to the Muslim Community. But the same has been not approved. So he is taking it on a bitter way and fighting with the government.
    In this aspect, I solicit the opinions of learned members of the ISC.
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    First of all, reservation should be end. Ut was given to socially backward classes for 10 years but the congress continued for vote bank politics. As per constitution and SC it should not go beyond 50%.. KCR is just playing politics by keeping the gun on BJP shoulder. BJP should do all dirty politics for the benefit of KCR Muslim vote. BJP is not fool and she is doing the right thing by not allowing the reservation to Muslims.
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    While the cause of AP is very genuine as both Congress and BJP are the parties to the promise made on special status to that state and then fumbled to do. But the demand of TRS for giving sweeping powers to states to decide on the reservations to various castes is nothing but asking for too much. Why the hell the TRS has promised 12 percent reservations to Muslims when the courts have rejected a mere 4 percent increase of Muslims quota during YSR government. TRS very well know that the constitution does not permit for more than 50 percent reservations as a whole, but a false promise they made and now targeting centre to give more powers to states on this matter.
    K Mohan
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    I think the author means 'Are you in agreement'. The simple answer is no. Reservation quota hike is not a solution to bring forward a group of citizens of the country. It's like printing money if we need money. It's an easy answer but has widespread ramifications. We need to find other ways to help them.
    Sadly, if anything, the politicians have got better in promising anything and everything for the sake of their own survival. I think, with respect to the reservation we have gone beyond the tipping point and it has no value now apart from monetary benefits to a few.
    It worsens the insensitiveness and callous attitude that the Governments have for the general population. In such an environment, the rest would be disheartened and move out of the country at the first chance. India stands to lose a lot in terms of quality and highly skilled employee force which is a must to help our ambitious growth plan.

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    No, I do not support. I am in favour that any type of reservation should be stoped in India for the development of the country. If you want to provide opportunities for so-called lower caste, available all type of resource to them, but reservation should be stopped. Reservation should not be given on the basis of caste if you want to provide opportunities, provide on the basis of their economic condition. People misusing this reservation and eligible candidates getting hurt.
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    The reservation politics is doing irreparable harm to Indian people. The present day short-sighted local political leaders are compromising with various groups for their own selfish gains. Such leaders want to acquire or retain power at any cost. The long term implications of religion based reservations are likely to pave the way for rule of the 'reserved class' in future.

    I am against all kinds of reservations including the existing one. There should be only 'merit based reservations'.

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    Already the general quota public are loosing their share of 48 percent on various class reservations and if 12 percent sought to be implemented then the general quota would have just 40 percent to compete. The rulers must have the mind that general quota population is more and they need the quota. If this kind of reservation goes on, one day will come when general quota has to fight for reservation in education and jobs. It is better the people resort to stoppage of such populist measures which only benefit the political parties and the people never sought such reservations as people does not want intelligent and merit students suffer for want of reservations.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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