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    Are many Indians color blind at traffic signals?

    Why do people ignore the signal light changes? Do Indians lack basic civic sense on the road? And why?

    In a civilised world, traffic signals would be standardized with red-amber-green. Many places in India, these colours are not followed and rules are broken. Bikes start leaving at amber itself like a hound dog at a race track. Worse is when green changes to red, many don't stop. Buses, cars and two-wheelers keep zooming out at high speed like cattle in a stampede.

    This is a dangerous situation and every week, I have seen at least one four wheeler brushing the front or the back wheel of a two-wheeler. It's sad to see women and children falling down from a two-wheeler, their only fault is being a pillion rider.

    Why do we behave like colour blind people and have such a lack of civic sense that endangers others?
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    It is not color blind on traffic signals. The selfishness only plays vital role in the driving persons to err. When one driver crosses a signal post his target is directly to the next signal and not noticing any vehicle or persons crossing/ walking. The two wheeler drivers plans to overtake the before going vehicle whether it is bus or lorry or truck or an auto even if a small lane he gets. Their target immediately on taking the vehicle from house or starting point is just to reach the place at any cost.

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    Some people are not respecting the traffic rules. Some do not have driving licence and some are the habitual offenders. Strict police action is required for such people. Heavy penalty is to be imposed. Parents should not give the vehicles to children and they should be counselled.
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    Yes. We Indians are colour blinds and won't follow the traffic rules and regulations and the signals. It is the hurry that makes us to have a blind eye and jump signals without knowing the consequences. It would be ideal if we make additional arrangements to avoid signal jumpers. Thus the signal jumpers will get their wheel punctured if they act in haste.

    I suggest some protruding objects as a barrier on the junctions which will work along with the signals.

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    As a matter of fact almost all persons who drive vehicles on public roads have become totally blind to the traffic rules and regulations instead of becoming only colour blind for red colour.

    About 400 persons die daily in road accidents in India. The number of persons who get injured or maimed counts separately. One of the major reasons of such an unfortunate scenario is prevailing corrupt practices in issue of driving license and in implementation of traffic rules by the traffic police. The other reasons are faulty road designs and utterly irresponsible and careless attitude of people driving vehicles.

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    It's how we are educated since we were too small to understand these.

    Our priority is different & the decisions are not fixed. In continuation rather then ignoring the things we try to negotiate between the above two entities.

    We do show much patience while standing in queue for purchasing pizzas but same thing doesn't comes automatically while crossing the roads.

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    I do express my concern over rogue behaviour of motorists and car owners on the road, it is observed that when we are standing at the zebra crossing and about to get the signal, the vehicle behind us would press for early exit from the place and thus we are also forced to disobey the traffic rules. Though the cc tv cameras are been installed to capture the violators, the roads users wont care and violate the traffic rules at every junction. One fine morning the vehicle would be caught and the pending challans were made to pay then and there , otherwise the vehicle would seized and the the vehicle owner would be sent for traffic rules counselling and later to remand.
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    It is not colour blindness. It is blindness only. In our country, people have scant respect for traffic rules. They feel breaking the rule is their basic right. The other day I was waiting for my friend in a junction. Just I was observing two-wheelers going on that road. The people on the bike feels he is on a flight and he can fly in the air. One motorcyclist with two people behind him on the vehicle was driving so fast and he crossed the signal when it is showing red colour light. By the side of the signals, there was a traffic police he stopped the vehicle. Both of them discussed for some time. The driver has taken out Rs.300/- from his pocket and given to police and started again. If this is the condition how to put in the sense into the minds of these people. I was very much puzzled. It is because the police were corrupt he was left out. If it was a mishap who will bear the pain and the cost. Really people are blind to traffic signals and ignorant of rules.
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    It is really unfortunate that inspite of so much rules and regulations for traffic control some people still do not care and break the traffic order.

    These people require severe punishment like huge fines or seizing of vehicles then only they will be fearful and will abide by the rulings.

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