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    Should children pay the family monthly maintainence charges?

    Most families run on a joint income to make ends meet by the end of the month. Most children above 21 years, start earning and give the salary or part of it to parents to run the house.

    But in many families, the parents take care of their children. In our neighbourhood, I feel sad to see youths just roaming on bikes, wearing good clothes, smoking and drinking in the late evening etc, and all this without going to work. The poor parents and elder siblings have to bear the additional burden.

    Parents worry as to how to make them more responsible and often get them married so that at least they'll mend their ways. Instead, can the parents ask the grown-up children to make monthly payments like how paying guests are charged for food and accommodation? At least this would make them go out and try to earn a living.
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    Good one & at the same time need a bit attention also.

    In the current society the children is transformed in a way in which they have been grown-up by their parents. It's a growing concern that the children now is also having the criminal background which is not of theft but even charged with group murdering.

    Don't believe it ?

    Recently, we had witnessed through news channels about the case of "Ryan International" in Gurgaon. In the bathroom of the school, a blood-soaked body of Pradhyumn Thakur, 7-year-old boy was found while the throat was slit, believed to be done by the colleagues in order to stop the proceedings of the school for the day. With the CBI involvement the investigation is still going on.

    The list is long & a serious concern to the society as a whole. We are witnessing the children driving a bike without a driving license or carrying a costly smart phone when it's not required.

    The conclusion could of that the children are given free hand by their parents, the impact of which doesn't show in the short period time but being reflected in a slightly longer time period. By the time we come to know we are already late..

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    The parents get punished for their careless and irresponsible attitude in raising their children in the beginning. In case the grown up children remain unemployed even after completing their twenties, then only the parents can be held responsible for that. Many parents treat their children as their accessories only and don't take pains in their proper upbringing.

    In developed countries like the United States, the parents are not supposed to financially support their children after they cross 18 years of age. They have to work part time for financing their higher studies also.

    The parents who are in a position to earn indiscriminately, don't bother much about their children during their hay days. However, in case of adverse circumstances, they regret and repent like anything.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    If a non performer child has been pampered from the beginning , any action would be dangerous as the boy may take drastic decision of even leaving the home for exile. I do feel pity at the parents and elders who toil day and night and earn some decent money for the family, and due to some children their peace in the family is vanished and they keep on spending money for the extravagant to which they are not party to it. But the suggestion made by the author wont go with as the children feel that their rights have been curtailed and if they are asked to pay for the food and services, they can very well live as paying guest some where ?
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    As a parent, if we can afford we need not worry about the contributions from our children for running the family. As children, they should feel responsible and take of their parents financially also if the parents don't have income. This is not a business relation to take monthly maintenance charges from the children or vice versa. It all depends on the financial stability of the children and the parents. But if the children are wasting their time and money parents should not support them and if necessary they should tell them that they have to take care of their lives. It is the basic responsibility of the parents to see that their children will be more orderly and they will be good citizens. If we pamper them ignore their bad habits ultimately the parents and children should suffer So a parent can ask his children who are wasting their time without feeling their responsibility to have their own means of living.
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