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    Do you think BJP government advance General Elections before Assembly polls of several states?

    India has to go for General Elections in May-June 2019. Before the General elections States like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chattisghar, Mizoram, have to go for Assembly polls. In the recent past even though it won mandate in some smaller states in Assembly polls but lost 10 MP seats in By-poll elections. Now strong anti-wave is blowing for BJP in some of its key states like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisghar. If it get negative results before General election it has to face great uphill task from all its opposition parties. Recent by-polls of Bihar and UP also indicating the same signal for BJP party. So BJP government try to advance the General elections so that they may not face heavy havoc after Assembly elections. Folks, what is your opinion regarding this?
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    I don't think so. BJP is talking about one Nation one election many times. So conducting separately elections for some states and central governments may be against their policy. So if they want to advance also they will advance both the elections. Whatever may be the present state of BJP, there is no other major party which can win more seats than BJP. So the chances of BJP to evolve as a single major party is more. So they need not get panic too much and do any abnormal things. They have to act a little fast and try to resolve the issues of various states to the extent possible so that people will support BJP in coming elections.
    Even third front as talked by KCR may not survive long as there are many power crazy people will be there in that front. Congress winning elections is very remote. So BJP only win and they will not do any things like preponing or postponing elections may not be there.

    always confident

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    The full term of these states Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisghar fall well before General election. States like A.P. , Telangana go along with General polls as their terms end that time.

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    If you look the circumstances as of now, sounds more likely that BJP would be worried about the adverse results from the states before the national elections. To be fair BJP has been canvassing for a single shot election at the state and the center, we even had a couple of threads about it in this very forum.
    Modi government wants simultaneous polls to states and Center by Oct next year ?.
    Holding simultaneous elections - The debate of democracy..

    So, it is not that BJP has changed its mind after the recent loses in the by-polls. BJP didn't plan for this to aviod heavy havoc but the save money and time by combining the two major electoral logistical exercise.

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    The elections are anyway to be conducted latest by April-May 2019. It is just one year ahead. The election commission may need sufficient time for preparation to be ready to conduct the general elections. If at all the government wants to advance elections, it will gain just a few months only. But in order to decide that, a government should have a most favourable time for it to chose. But as of now the NDA govt will not try for a gamble.

    The NDA/BJP will try to do something by which it can capture the people's favour and retain the support and votes. As the NDA partners are leaving it one by one, BJP needs a few influential local political players in each state. To arrange and fix such alliance or working relationships, it needs time.
    Once elections are declared the code of conduct comes in force and the government cannot initiate or implement or announce any new schemes and programmes. That will be its disadvantage.

    So what the central govt may do at the maximum is to announce a variety of popular creative and imaginative programmes which may give relief and concessions to major vote banks. If the elections are advanced, then the government misses chance for a new budget. So my feeling is that the government may go for next year's budget in February and then go for elections starting from the first week of April, like 2014.

    It is true and evident that the prospects of BJP/NDA is much diminished as per present trend and situation. The million dollar question is how much the diverse opposition parties can coalesce and put up a united front and hold on to face the next elections.

    It needs quite hard work and convincing for the BJP to retain its present majority. Being the ruling party now, it has to face the anti-incumbency unlike 2014.
    So my feeling is that the government will not advance elections.Instead, it will complete its full term, present next year's budget in February and then go for elections starting on due time, starting from the first week of April, like 2014

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    Considering the cost effectiveness and one time vote by the citizens would be highly preferred instead of repeated elections in the country. One nation and one vote for state and central governments has been the motive of the BJP and its NDA allies. But after the exit of TDP from the NDA , the equations of political heat has been changed and after the loss of BJP in by elections has put the party in defensive. Nevertheless sooner or later every party has to face the elections either it comes to their favour or not and just imagine the fate of the Congress party which facing humiliating defeat probably the there would be no takers for that party in any alliance. Now the BJP has the compulsion to Karnataka and show the nation that their image is in tact. Now PM Modi would bring some surprises to garner the popular support of the voters across the country by even announcing money transferred to their accounts.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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