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    How did you feel when you got promoted to Class VIIIth

    Calcutta of late seventies and early eighties. At that time, students used to wait eagerly for getting promoted to Class IVth and then to Class VIIIth. Why? At that time, there was an unwritten convention. Students were allowed to write with the pen only after getting promoted to Class IVth. Students used to think it a very important stage of their life.

    Similarly, in Calcutta (and in West Bengal), there was another unwritten convention. A boy student was allowed to wear full trouser only in Class VIIIth. Similarly, a girl student could wear ''sari'' only after getting promoted in Class VIIIth. (The girl students of English medium schools were exceptions. They always had to wear skirts in school.)

    So, we all eagerly waited to get promoted in Class VIIIth. I still remember that when we got the result after Class VIIth, all my friends had a small celebration from our very meager resources (pocket money). Reason behind the celebration? From then onwards we would be treated as grown-up students; we would start wearing full trousers.

    Readers! How did you feel when you got promoted to Class VIIIth?
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    I did my primary and high school studies in government schools only. Those days we did not have any such restrictions. Upto 5th class I used to wear half trousers and from 6th class onwards full I don't had any such existment when I got promoted to VIIth class.
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    Class VII exams, were the first big exams that we took seriously. In our school, we were proud to go to the VIII standard as we were 'seniors'(8,9,10) and we got the center of the school ground for our cricket matches. We were also recruited as volunteers for the annual school day and sports days. Those days, it would be a proud moment to be in charge of a group of junior class student, taking attendance, distributing biscuits on sports day and arranging the prizes so that the senior girl students can take them in a tray so that the HM can give it to the winners. We used to be given a special badge like what the politicians wear at meetings

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    In our schools usage of ink pens and not the ball pens were in force from the fifth class and most of us used to play holy after the school hours rather than writing legibly with the pen. And as far dress code is concerned, the boys would wear khahi pant and khaki shirt, and the girls must wear khaki salwar. And we had the board exams for the seventh class. That means the results used to come on the news papers evening edition. So there was a curiosity and interest to pass the seventh class which was conducted by the board. For us 8th, 9th were the basics for the SSC exam. Now the board exam for seventh has been withdrawn.
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    There were no such conventions in Andhra Pradesh. I am talking about the late fifties. Getting promoted to 8th. class was just another promotion. We were wearing what we liked. From 6th. class onwards we were using pens.
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    I was a student of a Hindi medium municipality school in Class VI, VII and VIII and my transition from Class VII to Class VIII was totally uneventful. I don't remember any particular importance or significance of entering Class VIII.
    Regarding ink, there used to be inkpots inbuilt in the desk itself and a peon used to pour a little quantity of ink in the inkpot from a water jug type pot for use by students using dip pens.

    Perhaps there was some ink fee also but the total fee per month was Rupees 1 and Paise 19 only. I may be wrong about total fee but Paise 19 is remembered well by me as there used to be always a problem for Class Teacher in returning the balance Paise 1 to the students who were not able to manage exact change.

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    I never realised any change in my promotion to the higher classes. I did not study in Nursery or pre KG or LKG or UKG. I started from 1st Std at the age of 5 and continued wearing my Khaki half trouser and white shirt until Std XI. It was only Form then. The present VIth Std was First Form. After my Third Form, I studied VIIIth Std, and then Xth Std. There was no IXth Std for me.
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