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    The question which everyone is having in their mind

    Why is it always that educated politician behave in an inappropriate manner?
    Instead of thinking how to solve the problem they try to create a new problem just to criticize the one who is in power.
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    Politicians have the great compulsions to be in lime light either for good reason or worst comments against the present government. A seasoned politician is one , who would give constructive criticism to the government and also suggest measures to get out of the problems. But present day educated politicians are getting wrongly advised from their coterie and instead of enhancing their image in the public , they diminish their prestige and pride altogether. Some times they become laughing stock in the public. One of the AP MP who is donning different role in front of the Parliament and protesting to have special status to the state. But his daily costumes and criticising the centre has brought more defame to him and the TDP . Politicians are suppose to behave sensibly as their voters are watching with interest and evaluating them.
    K Mohan
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    It is our political system and every party adopt this policy. They think that opposition means to oppose ruling party always. It is a really serious problem. They have to favour the policy which is for the development of the country. But opposition always tries to find mistakes in all the policies of the ruling party.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    The educated politicians are very intelligent. The uneducated politicians are better when compared to them. The educated politicians know how to make use of the existing position to their benefit. Majority of them will try to make the best use of the present situation to their self-motto than to the public. Olden days at least some percentage of politicians used to think about the society and improving the society. But these days politicians will always think how to get benefitted by getting some works done. If the road is widened the public is benefitted but they have to pay the toll fee. But the people involved in the project will get benefitted by getting their cuts in the entire expenditure. Their ultimate aim is to make some money and annoy the people or deceive the people as if they are working for the cause of the people. These days there are no values or ethics in politics. Ultimate is power and money.
    always confident

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    Diversion of attention for an existing issue constantly issues adverse remarks about a particular party or person and amassing a great fortune is the common theme of many politicians except a few who serve the country and its people in the true sense of being their representative from their problems.

    It doesn't matter whether one is educated or not. All that matters is how street smart and how good one's survival skills are in politics. Name and shame, having a thick skin, party hopping etc do not need a good education. Many of the countries issues can be resolved if politicians stop their infighting and fight to resolve the issue instead of keeping alive the common issues (north-south divide, language and water sharing disputes, communical issues, tit for tat killings of party workers etc).

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