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    What permanent changes occurred due to British Rule in India?

    The East India Company ruled India during the period 1757 to 1858 which was followed by British Rule or direct rule by the British Crown during the period 1858 to 1947. Thus we were ruled by the Britishers for about 200 years. Presence of English speaking foreign rulers for such a long period in India caused certain changes of permanent nature which are still continuing. One such change is adoption of English language as a medium of communication, the other being switching over to western clothes like pant and shirt by many in place of traditional Indian dresses.

    Let us discuss as to what are the permanent changes which occurred in India due to British rule?
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    All the Forts, Bridges, Buildings, Roads and Dams constructed during the British rule are still intact and will remain permanent for long. The Britishers were not interested in money making, but to rule and live happily. They are great, I must say.
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    The largest benefit India had gained through the British Raj was the establishment of largest rail network, road formations called GT road from South to North. The Railway network was
    vast and we can still find the old bridges constructed during British Raj was still strong and going. The Oliphant curve bridge at Secunderabad Railway station , Sir Aurthur cotton barrage over Godavari River in AP is another towering example of good things done by Britishers. The present Parliament and the Rashtrapathi Bhawans were also constructed by them. In fact the Fort St Geerge, the TN Government structure in Chennai is the great building.

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    The most important and permanent change due to the Britsh rule is the formation of Indian Union or a unified country India. India was a conglomeration of small kingdoms before the British and the Mughals. These two ruled us for a long time. In the process of getting independence, all the small kingdoms united and the unified country of India was formed. The rest are not important as they could have been developed later.
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    Indians have a love hate relationship with the British, this thread is about the reasons for which some of us love the British. East India Company was one the most flourishing trading companies at its zenith that paved the way for the vast and mighty British Empire. India was the 'crown jewel' of the great East India Company.

    Because of the incoporation of English Language, we have a great Indian Diaspora and the revenue coming in. Imagine if the country didn't embrace English, could we have such a success in careers overseas?So, I think, Indian economy changed too.
    A system of tolerance has crept in because of our presence/administrative function was 'under' the British rule
    The hill stations and estate are still largely a legacy of the British.
    The first stamp in the world was issued by England. The Indian postal system has its roots in the British by means of its vast administrative network and transfer of technology.
    The administrative system/infrastructure that we have also is to a great extent their legacy.
    The Railway system and the Army, the public works have its origins from the British.
    Basically, if you trace most of the social and official machinery of the country, it would lead to the British rule. We have built on it after Independence.

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    Many permanent changes occurred during British rule. The land became the main asset during British rule. Rail, telegram and other communication and transport facilities developed during this period. Though these facilities were developed for the benefits of British administration. The education system of the present day is also the permanent change of that period. We are also using Lord Macaulay education system which was introduced to generate more clerk for the British administration. Organisation of army is also permanent change of that time.
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    That is an interesting thread. Many Members provided various options. But no one has so far mentioned the most important change/contribution of British rule in India. It happened at the fag end of the British period. India was divided into two parts. The partition and untold misery have created a very deep scar which is yet to be healed.
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    Every stranger brings tidings from outside your world. All strangers are important.
    British brought many things with them.

    India was unified by our leaders? That's funny because before British there was no one true India. India was first truly unified by British, by taking in all the provinces of India.
    British brought communication to India.
    Transports like trams, trains, cars etc.., telegrams,telephones,televisions, radios, cinema etc..

    British brought Cricket to India!!!!
    Today India is known around the world for two things, cricket and Bollywood , both were the gifts from British.
    Tea,coffee,pineapple,tapioca,potato,tomato,yams,sugarcane etc. ..are all a product of British trade.
    British gave us the sciences. We were reintroduced to the schools of science.

    And the most important thing. Britishers translated and gave us Vedas and Bhagavat Gita which today we flaunt as a power of Hinduism before the world.
    British gave India it's army.
    British gave India music.(Western)
    Tobacco too was patronized by British because of which India is among the top producers of it.

    Contributions of British can never be terminated.
    British built the modern India.

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    Britishers have done certain good things which made our country as a formidable force in certain areas. The first one is the language. Before Britishers came to India I don't think English speaking people are more in India. But today almost 90% of the people know English and our youth is able to get jobs across the globe because of their skill in English in addition to their subject knowledge.
    They brought good transportation facilities to India of course for improvement of their business but today also we are able to have the taste of those developments. They constructed some good constructions in various parts of India for their offices which are even today can be identified by seeing them. The Dam on Godavari River at Rajahmundry made some districts of AP very fertile and for that people should be thankful to Sir Arthur Cotton.

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