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    Request to increase my Adsense Revenue period

    Respected Webmaster,
    One year of my Adsense Revenue period will complete in the April 2018. I request you to increase my Adsense revenue period further for next 2 years.
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    I request the author of the thread to share his experiences about AdSense revenue earnings during the first year.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I started my second journey on ISC on the last march and after two weeks I applied for Adsense approval. Fortunately, I got approval within two days. I contributed to article section. First three month my Adsense Revenue was only Dollar 1.5. I could not contribute to the site for almost 3-4 month in this period. Now my total earning is not good but for last two month, I am getting some cents daily. My total earning so far is almost Dollar 10 approximately. I know it is not good, I have started contribution more and hope it will increase with time.
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    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala,

    Your request has been conveyed to the Webmasters. They will check your contributions and accordingly decide on the extension.

    I would suggest that you put in AdSense units within your article text (two if a lengthy article, one if it is very short). Please refer: Placement of AdSense Ads in your resources.

    Some general advice:
    1. Try to select topics which are unique and not typical ones that appear at many other sites.

    2. Put titles which will attract traffic.

    3. Do not put words like "So, dear friends" at the end of all your articles. A conclusion should be a brief summary of what your article is about or some general advice related to the article's topic or an interesting text which would be like the punch-line of a story-end.

    4. Be very consistent in contributing quality articles as that section will always be a good source of AdSense earnings as compared to other sections. Participate regularly in article contests as the topics are ones selected for generating good traffic. So even if you do not win a contest prize, you will definitely get some AdSense earnings if presented well with good use of keywords and internal links.

    5. Even articles on admissions, though having a short shelf life, can generate quick earnings. Some admission articles can even generate long-term earnings if written in great detail, such as incorporating details of the campus and the curriculum of the course, as this type of info is always sought for year after year.

    Finally, check out via the search box articles related to AdSense earnings and also the forum threads where tips & suggestions were given by fellow members on writing articles in general & generating earnings from them as well.

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    Hakimuddin Kuwakhedawala,

    Thank you for being an active contributor to this site. We have renewed your AdSense period to 2 years.

    Tony John
    Webmaster -

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    Thanks a lot, Tony sir for increasing my Adsense period for two years. Thanks, Vandana madam for your suggestions. Madam, I do not have much knowledge of Adsense code placement. I will try to do as per your advice.
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