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    Why should a party demand No confidence Motion?

    Why should a party demand No confidence motion knowing that it will be defeated on the floor. While the ruling party has the majority number in the parliament or assembly that cannot be defeated on the floor, why should some party demand for No confidence motion? Is it not a wastage of time that helps no one? How it benefits the government or the opposition party or the public? I feel it as a non-sense demand.

    Will anyone from the ruling party vote for the motion and go against their party?
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    Proposition of no confidence motion by opposition party has several implications. If there is a close tie between the members of Opposition Party and ruling party, the opposition party try to gather the required members to defeat ruling party on the floor of the house to dislodge it from power. This thing happened once Mr. Vajpayee lost majority by one vote. Second thing is opposition parties place no confidence motion in order to bring their issues in front of the parliament for deep discussion which highlights the issues among the members, in the mass media like TV and News papers, the people of whole country. This type of propaganda among the people of the country makes the ruling party to lose its value. Because of these discussions people of the country are able to realize how wrongly ruling party deceiving people.

    As far as the present no confidence motion with regard to Special Category Status for A.P. is concerned, the previous Congress and Opposition BJP parties together gave the promise of Special Status for A.P. in the re-organization bill. Now the present government denying time and again the promise made on the floor of the house. Now the Congress party also reiterating its promise in its Plenary meeting and all the opposition parties supporting the move. This motion may not win but the way BJP party deceiving a State of A.P. after its promise on the floor of the house, election meetings and in the BJP election manifesto. Already BJP party without discussing the budget proposals bulldozing the parliament passed Financial bill which included so many important bills like 'The Foreign Contribution Regulation Act'. It is already learn t that the Speaker may close the budget session by showing disruption by some of its friendly allies for certain issues. Even through this also it get highlighted and exposed how undemocratically the ruling party is behaving

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    The no-confidence motion is to bring a discussion on the floor of the house. This will highlight the issue and the government has to answer it. In the present circumstance, the no-confidence motion will dent the reputation! of the ruling party. The BJP has purposefully cheated the Government of Andhra Pradesh on the issue of special status. The already dented reputation of the party in the recent by-elections to the Lok Sabha in Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh will further damage the BJP party. The division among the ruling alliance will also come to the fore. This is a very important no-confidence motion before the general elections next year. The present government has become one man show and is not good for the country and the constitutional institutions.
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    1. Mr. SuN has started a very good thread. I am going to submit my response from my study of Parliamentary Procedure (all Officers of Central Secretariat have to study this subject in detail during their training). My response is not on behalf of any political party.

    2. No Confidence motion and Adjournment motion are two most potent weapons in the hands of the Opposition parties in Lok Sabha to discuss the activities of the Government. No Confidence Motion can be brought only when 1/10th of the Members support the motion in writing. This means, at least 55 members of Lok Sabha (out of total 545 members) have to give it in writing that they support the No Confidence motion. Only then the motion is allowed to be discussed.

    3. No Confidence motion can't be tabled by the ruling party because they can't have ''no confidence'' in their own Government. After the motion is discussed in detail, when the Prime Minister, as the head of the Cabinet, has to reply, the motion is put to vote. If the Government is defeated in the voting, the Prime Minister has to resign. That is the importance of No Confidence motion. In case of any other motion, there is no need for the Government to resign, even if it is defeated in the Parliament.

    4. A Member of ISC has talked about such motion against Atal Bihari Vajpayee Government. I request the Member to check the records. Vajpayee lost the Confidence motion by one vote, which was brought by its own Government. That was NOT a No Confidence motion.

    5. Whenever a No Confidence motion is scheduled to be discussed, every party issues whip to its members. Whip means direction regarding voting, i.e., whether to support the motion, or to vote against the motion, or to abstain from voting. If any member does not abide by the whip, he/she will be automatically sus[ended from his/her own party. BJP will also issue whip to its MPs prior to the voting of the oncoming No Confidence motion.

    6. It must also be remembered that during the discussion of No Confidence motion, all activities of the Government, not any particular issue, are discussed. Detailed discussion will be held on Government's performance-not only a single issue of granting special status to any state.

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    Despite the fact that the government will ultimately win the 'no confidence motion' proposed to be moved by the opposition parties, it has a symbolic importance and significance and will attract the attention of all concerned toward the issue involved e.g. the move had already caught the attention of the ISCians SuN compelling him to raise this thread and generate discussion regarding the matter of grant of special category status to Andhra Pradesh.

    Yesterday, while watching a television news channel, I heard a statement made by Ravi Shankar Prasad, the IT and Law minister and spokesperson of BJP. He said it was not possible to accord 'special category status' to Andhra Pradesh due to certain reasons but the government was ready to give financial grant of equal amount as 'special assistance' but Chandrababu Naidu preferred to exit.

    I think exit of Venkaiah Naidu from active politics has disbalanced the equilibrium.

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    No confidence motion on the governemnt can be raised in parliament if there is a support by at least 1/10 of the MPs support the motion. This is the ultimate weapon the opposition parties have in their hand. Even though they know that they will not win, it is to get the attention of the parliament and the PM has to reply finally on the topic and then go for voting.
    Before Venkiah Naidu was made the Vice President, he was taking the issues seriously and he is fighting for the benefits to AP. But unfortunately, he was sidelined by making him VP. Now there is no voice of Telugu States in the cabinet and the things are going from bad to worst. As there is no other go the TDP is going for this no-confidence motion. The BJP will win the motion but they will understand the importance of being good with other friendly parties.

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    TDP came out of the alliance group only for not getting the special status for AP. If the motion is moved and issue is discussed and voted, BJP might prove their majority on the floor as they have the majority number. Certain parties like AIADMK might abstain from voting. Moreover, Special status to AP is a problem pertaining to AP only, not of whole India.

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    Mr. SuN: Please read point no. 6 of my response. I have mentioned that the discussion will be on the overall performance of the Government, not on the demand of special status demanded by any political leader.
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    In the true sense, 'no-confidence motion' invoked when the opposition parties feel that the party in power is not governing the country and people with respect to their best interest.

    Here, the special status has been the crux of the issue and to get it granted, this no-confidence motion has been called for. I would agree with @KVRR, even if BJP wins it (this is the expected outcome), it would further open up fissures in the image and the other partners in the alliance.

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    It is a wasteful exercise when the ruling party has the majority members excluding the alliance partners. I would say that it is a time pass and futile exercise inside the parliament.
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    Good question asked by the author. It is the practice and tool vested with the opposition parties in democracy that they have the right to move no confidence motion which has promised a thing and failed to honour. In the present case the special status promise was made by both Congress and BJP . And in BJP too there are some MP's who are fuming over the behaviour of he NDA government and adamant on the issue. So the opposition parties are of the view that when entire opposition is united and with some support even coming from the ruling party allies and BJP members, there are every chance of motion being won and the government defeated. Even if regular ruling party members abstain, the motion would be won. But on the other hand whip has been issued to the ruling party members that they should attend the session. So Monday is the testing time for Modi government which has slender margin to boast off in Parliament as of now.
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