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    Who is getting benefitted most by so passionate content writing in the forum section of ISC?

    Though the total number of registered ISCians is about 9,16,000, a handful number of members are regular and write so passionately in the forum section almost on daily basis. They painstakingly select topics for writing content covering a wide range of subjects including current affairs, religion, philosophy, culture and what not.

    Today, suddenly this thought flashed to my mind as to who are the beneficiaries of our content writing. Are only the authors getting benefited mutually by reading others posts or there are other target groups?

    What are your comments in this regard?
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    Frankly speaking, I have not thought about all these so far. I have been active in Forum section to write whatever comes to my mind. I am attracted to this section because of its unstructured format compared to the Articles section. If people read my Forum posts, I feel happy-nothing more than that. I am not unduly perturbed by financial consideration.

    Earlier I used to believe that the Members can freely express their opinion in Forum section. But now I know that this is not correct. If the view expressed by any Member/Members does not conform to the views of the Editor(s) of this section, such Member(s) will get 0 point or negative points. So, nowadays, Members think many a time before expressing their views in this section (two or three Members may be exceptions because their views are almost similar to the views of Editors of this section).

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    To me, ISC forum is a chat section where most members post, read, respond and enjoy. There are members who make use of this forum section beneficially to score points to earn RSB. There are members who are very sincere to post relevant threads and respond other's post. At times, forum looks like question and answer section. One member posts, and many members responds. Hardly there are counter responses. There is no much discussion except active GD announced once in a while.
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    Mr Kailash, it is, to be frank, all about the satisfaction you derive as an author. It is not about the points or the cash rewards; it is all about how you feel after posting a content. Do you benefit personally or does it do some addition to the site is a thing which you need to consider when you don't calculate your posts as an effective contribution from your side? It is a doubt about your quality and clarity that appears to have forced you to raise this thread.

    I am associated with ISC just because I think I stand benefitted by contributing to the various sections. I am indeed concerned about the points and cc but then, that is all not about it.

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    I will try to answer this professionaly.
    ISC like any other platform of sharing knowledge has a forum section predominantly to erase and solve doubts.
    But we use it for different purposes.
    Imagine I never registered into ISC.
    The first page I view will be the forum and hence forums are strictly moderated.
    And all the key words from the search results of Google points out directly towards the forums of ISC.

    So forum is an asset in bringing traffic.
    Who gets benefited from sustaining it?
    ISC. And when ISC gets benefited we all get benefited.

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    Writing skills of the individual will improve. The postings will make you understand the importance of the subject and the different opinions of different people can also learn. Anyhow the required points for our survival in the level we attained is also important for the members. This is also useful for us in getting some CC very rarely. It is good for ISC if more discussions and threads on various topics were placed. This is helpful to ISC in getting more traffic to this site. We have a chance know different people and we can interact with them through this section. In my opinion majority of the members of ISC will spend more time on this section only.
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    I'm not sure how many of the non-member net users access the threads and article etc on a daily basis. For me, it's the sharing of knowledge among the members that would be happening at a regular level and hence we benefit from each other.

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    For me earning was not the criteria. This has been time and again mentioned elsewhere. I have the passion for raising threads, some times liked and some times rejected by ISC. But that wont deter my performance here.
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    Are only the authors getting benefitted mutually by reading others posts or there are other target groups?

    I may say it is members(not authors) who read the contents who are addicted to ISC whether they contribute or not as any other online portal to get to know about many details. Also, the members(authors) are benefitted by earning points, cc either directly or indirectly.

    As @Aditya told, page views are many through forum section if opened via ISC though not through SEO because I have seen in the forum section, if we give mostly exact wordings only lead to the forum thread, not with much keyword search. But article section SEO is very nicely showing via search. On many counts, I have surprised to reach to ISC pages while searching in google and very surprised once I get into my own article via search.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Now the discussion has come on track. Here it is not the CC or the points which we intend to discuss. Instead the question is as to who is reading our posts and thus getting benefitted.

    Is it sufficient if a 'small group'* of about a dozen member authors are reading each other's posts?

    *edited to replace the word 'coterie' by 'small group'.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Your father's earnings through AdSense already tell you how "rich" is the reader ecosystem for the Forum section. ISC earns peanuts through this section and so do the members only active here. It is only the ISC members you frequent the Forum section and not many from the outside.
    Major earning sections are Ask Experts and the Articles section. Earlier Jobs section was some major revenue generator but I guess those days are gone now.

    So in short, earning-wise no one is getting benefited from this section. Otherwise, of course, it is a good place to debate, discuss and fight.

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    Is it sufficient if a coterie of about a dozen member authors are reading each other's posts?

    Certainly not, we need to have fresh ideas, fresh information and fresh views on answers to the topics. The forum is one place wherein the more we are the more meaningful it becomes.We welcome more member interaction but in practice, it becomes the regular group and some editors replying at regular intervals.

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    The question who is benefited by ISC may not get a single answer. There are more than a lakh members in this group. As pointed out only a very small number do use it. some are getting returns in the form of money. Naturally they work hard, they spend lot of time with this site. There are some who take this only as a pastime. Others just neglect it.
    This site, however, help gather information and knowledge and distribute it to those who search for them. Is it not a good job?

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    I object to the author's contention that " Is it sufficient if a coterie of about a dozen member authors are reading each other's posts? ". Who said that there is coterie inside the ISC. We does not know each other by face nor we are interested to benefit each other in give and take process. We are here to enhance our knowledge and make know something which we treasure in us. That all. And the word coterie comes in political parties, where in the leader is protected from the outside attacks of other party leaders and those so called coterie members would suggest and bail the leader out. I think we are independent here to express our own view without outside interference of who so ever. By the way when some members get satisfaction and happiness over sharing the knowledge, nothing can stop them. It is their passion and that continues for ever.
    K Mohan
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    #630129 - Mohan ji- Though I had not used the word 'coterie' in the political sense , I see a point in your objection. Therefore, I am editing my post #630091 to replace the word 'coterie' with 'small group'.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It's a good to spend time here. The most important is that it's not a compulsion for a member to keep on adding to the contents but at the same time this provides us a freehand to participate with our views.

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