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    Do you think that milk supplied in plastic sachet is safe to drink?

    A thread on the plastic contamination in the bottled water has appeared two or three days back. We are getting milk in plastic sachet regularly. What about the purity of the milk inside it? Is there any possibility of plastic contamination in the milk we use?
    The milk thus we obtain from the dairy are generally pasteurized. That means it is boiled above certain degree centigrade and refrigerated to a very low degree level. But when we bring home this it is again boiled. Is it necessary ?
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    The milk in the plastic sachets is ok as the milk will be at a very low temperature when they are packed and they will not even come to room temperature till is opened and milk is poured out. So the chances of plastic particles coming into milk are very remote and the quality of plastic they use for sachets is entirely different from the material used for plastic bottles for water.
    Coming to heating of milk is not required if you can drink at that temperature as it is. Generally, this milk will be used for making coffee or milk or curd. Unless you boil the milk again you can't make curd. For making coffee and tea also we have to heat the milk separately before putting them in the tea decoction or coffee decoction. But many people drink the milk also in a hot condition that is why the milk is boiled before use. It is very important to boil the milk for converting it to curd otherwise it will become very gummy.

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    What I feel that there a coating inside the plastic sachet of the milk which would keep the milk in good condition and the contamination of whatsoever is not possible. In fact the tetra pack milk can have the shelf life of over 3 months too. What has been discussed that if we keep the water can for more days and then try to use them, there are every chance of plastic particles entering the human body if we consume the same water without purification process. That is why people are taking RO filtered water these days. And where as the milk sachets are opened and used within one or two days of its packing.
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    We all worry about plastic containers that we use to store consumable liquids and solid because of the fear that Plastic give out chemical compounds that can have or alter human hormonal activity.

    The worrying ones are BPA, phytates, and PVC. Among the different grades of plastic, we need to avoid 3,6,7. If you see a Tupperware water bottle, it'll have a triangle with a number 5 in it. This means it's polypropylene as its safe.

    Like this, milk covers are made of PE-polyethylene, it can be LLDPE - linear low-density (more flexible and strong) or LD-low density. This is referred to as 'safe plastic'.

    Microplastics can be found in many edible items, include water, milk, honey, beer, fish etc. I don't what level is permissible or safe for human consumption.

    With regards to the need for boiling milk, Many people drink the milk directly from the cover. In Western countries, most of the supermarket bought milk is used directly without the need to boil it directly.

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    Plastics like polybags contain micro plastics in them. These micro plastics can come in contact with the content put inside polybags. But, polybags (sachets) containing milk are specially designed from inside so that micro plastics should be minimized in blending. Even then, we should always boil milk before consuming it. So that, harmful substances should be destroyed after boiling.
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    The plastic container is always harmful to our health. We should avoid getting this type of milk. I live in a suburban area where pure milk is available every day in the morning. Milkman daily comes to our home and supply fresh milk every day. Though there is a dairy in our area I do not prefer to purchase milk from there.
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    Earlier milk was supplied in glass bottles. The vendors used to deliver milk bottles early in the morning at the doorstep and collect the previous days empty bottles while doing so. It had many drawbacks like the weight of glass bottle used to be much more than the weight of milk it contained. It was fragile also requiring extra care in handling.

    However, nowadays milk is packaged and sold in plastic pouches because they are cheaper, occupy less space and are convenient and easy to handle. The thermoformed plastic bottle being used for milk packaging is considered of good quality because of its resistance to wide temperature range and UV rays. Also they are highly stable. So far no adverse report has come regarding packaging of milk in plastic pouches not being safe.

    The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has laid down guidelines for the packaging of milk and milk products in India.

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    I am seeing hot tea/coffee and sambar are packed and supplied in plastic covers in hotels and tea shops. In many places tea or coffee supplied in a paper cup with wax coating inside, that too highly dangerous to our health. Buying milk,coffee,tea, sambar in plastic covers should avoided by ourselves only. If we totally boycotting the usage of plastics little by little by using vessels from our side, the usage of plastic will get away. We ourselves only raised the usage of plastics. Till my college days we used stainless steel vessels from our house to get sambar, tea,coffee in and in hotels they also packed the food items only in papers by keeping banana leaf inside, no plastic. The Government,then, supplied milk in bottles as we have to give back the emptied one when we buy milk from the depot.

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