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    Do you have the knack to convert daily observations to interesting discussions?

    There are so many people who will have some interesting topics for discussions. Sometimes, they start a discussion on certain observations they do daily. Even when we consider our forum section of ISC, few members create an interesting thread based on what is happening around them. Not everyone will have the art of creating the topic for discussion based on what they see daily.
    Do you have that art?
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    I am a keen observer over the things happening around me. Even this thread which happens to be raised when I am on line and thus noticed it to respond. The same way I used to have good observation on the happenings and remember those which are interesting and feeling like sharing here. But in ISC we cannot add everything thus we observe as the discussion wants to be fruitful here. And creating a topic over a happening is very easy for me and that would also have the natural response from the members. I feel elated to share such new information for the information and benefit of the members.
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    I am not very good at that. But always I will make an attempt. sometimes what I see makes me think a lot. Such events or observations I will try to present here for the members so that I can understand that the feelings I am getting are similar to that of other's feelings or not. But I always try to analyse the issues and try to compare with my past experiences. That is why I tend to give some examples if any relevance is there in some of my responses to the threads in this section.
    I love reading and daily I will go through the newspapers and if any interesting special issue is there in that, I will try to bring it here so that the other members will also read and try to give their comments on the particular incident. Sometimes while commuting to the office and coming back I will be observing some rare happenings which are interesting, I will discuss those issues with my family members.

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    To me forum threads are like movies, one cannot hope to produce a superhit every time. A newcomer can do it for a little while but then gets into regular mode. Similarly, we have to generate a handful of threads to have one that shines out, like the ones that win cash credits or TOW prize.

    I try hard to find practical topics from real life or positive life-related knowledge and then see how I can convert it into a thread. It's very easy to raise a thread, all we have to do is see some newspapers, pick-up any bit of news and type a thread. Also, it is very easy to ask a question why do we do this or that etc.

    But, I feel, it takes more than that to post a creative thread. It needs a certain level of command on the language and creativity to get the apt title, the describe our thoughts in a cohesive manner and ask a question that links the title, the thread content, and our core idea. So, I still have a long way to go.

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    There are two aspects of the issue concerned.

    It is said that 'necessity is mother of invention'. Many authors are compulsive writers. They have to write in any case daily and regularly. Such authors require topics to survive and therefore find a topic by hook or crook.

    The other aspect is the inborn trait of certain people to convert even day to day observation into something interesting to talk about. Many authors just pick the topic from the television news channels and newspapers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    There are many people who observe the events and happenings in their surroundings and reproduce them in black and white in most impressive ways.

    This is definitely an art which some people possess and develop it to adorable heights. I am not very good in this but yes if I observe something unique or intriguing around me in the day to day interaction with others, I try to present it in the forum in ISC.

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    Of course I do have. May be this is why I am not into race to create so many threads. I feel boring to post a thread which is already in news (some are exceptions). Also, I feel bore to post such topic which are numbers of time been posted. I have always tried to bring out interesting topic from my own daily life experiences. Yeah, it is very easy to post a thread but what is point to post a boring thread?

    I feel we the member should not run behind the post. There is absolutely no need to post 10 threads a day! If you are doing so, you may not bring out creative threads.

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    Though the meaning of knack is skillful, I feel this post as a sarcasm and the word knack as a sarcastic remark.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    @ Saroja, I was not sarcastic or I have no intentions of being sarcastic. It is just a general thread I raised that flashed on my mind at that point of time.

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    @sushma I have told, that was my feeling only and not as author posted in that way.
    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    No, I do not have the knack to convert daily observation into an interesting discussion. I have seen many of the author and contributor of forum section have the knack to convert daily observation into an interesting discussion.
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