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    Central government's stand on special status to AP. What is your opinion?

    The Andhra Pradesh State was divided into two states as Telangana and AP. The Congress party has initiated the move and BJP supported the move. The loser is AP. At that time the BJP in parliament tried hard and made the then PM to announce special status to AP. Many of us still remember the pleading made by Mr Venkaih Naidu in the Rajya Sabha for 10 years special status. During election campaign also Modi announced that they will accord special status. But now the government says it is not possible to give special status. But there is news that they are extending special status position to some states for some more time. I am not able to understand the reason for this stand of the central government. I like to know the views of various members on these double standards of the government.
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    I think we have had many discussions recently on the same topic.

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    I don't think we have discussed on this particular aspect of ventral government's policy. We have discussed TDP and BJP relations and what is done by each of them. But we never discussed the stand of the Central government. That is why I raised this thread. Otherwise, I might have restrained myself doing so as I aware completely that the thread will be closed by the editors. Anyhow, we need not worry about it. The editors will take a decision after looking at the thread.
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    The BJP government devaluing the Parliamentary promises made on the floor of the house by the then PM Mr.Manmohan Singh and the opposition BJP party leaders together. The promises made for the successor State of A.P. as it looses heavy revenue losses from the erstwhile capital of Hyderabad and also revenue required for the Capital construction of A.P. Arun Jaitley showing calculations of the funds given for Smart Cities of Vijayawada and Guntur Roads & Under Ground drainage system as the fund given to the New Capital of A.P. So because of this type ill attitude shown by Modi's Central government, Mr.Chandra Babu revolt against Central government. The fact is BJP's Modi government where ever there is no hope for their party they are not willing to spend single paise where ever their party has hope likely to support to any extent. People of A.P. believe if BJP wants to give Special Status PM can easily give. Finance minister saying false statements in his speeches that 14th Finance Commission is not allowing to give Special status to any State. Before giving Special package announcement, Mr.Jaitley told those states which are enjoying Special Status also will be discontinued but in reality funds were allotted to them this year also. To one question asked in the parliament with regarding SCS, Mr.Indrajit told 14th Finance commission never told not to give Special Category Status by it. But FM saying otherwise in his statements.

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    There is no constitutional provision in India regarding categorisation of states as a Special Category Status (SCS) State. However, the National Development Council (NDC), a body of the erstwhile Planning Commission, used to grant this status based on a number of features of the States e.g.

    1. Hilly and difficult terrain,
    2. Low population density or the presence of sizeable tribal population,
    3. Strategic location along international borders,
    4. Economic and infrastructural backwardness, and
    5. Non-viable nature of State finances.

    Earlier, the Special Category States used to receive block grants based on the Gadgil-Mukherjee formula. As far as I understand, after the constitution of the NITI Aayog, the policies stand modified according to which it is not possible to accord Special Category States to Andhra Pradesh.

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    Since the thread is open, my views on this issue will be along the lines of my replies in few of these threads related to special status for AP.

    Why Central government is hesitating to give Special Status to Andhra Pradesh.

    Who are at fault-People or Political Parties?.

    TDP with draws their two ministers from BJP government.

    Is Telugu Desam party getting out of NDA?.

    Finally TDP is out of NDA..

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    Mr.Kailash, This promise was given in a special situation where the people of A.P. are not willing to separate from combined A.P. as it is not the case of previously bifurcated states. It is the only State of India where the State Assembly unequivocally rejected the bifurcation but still it bifurcated. To compensate the losses to the people of the residuary state both BJP and Congress promised to SCS. Do you think these high profile BJP and Congress leaders don't know these rules and regulations like us? Now only they know and realize. The national Congress party even now also sticking on to the same promise it made and passed a resolution in its plenary without knowing anything like us.

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    If a government or party has assured to do something, it should be done without any hesitation. If there was a hitch in awarding special status to a state, it should have been thought well before giving the assurance. Now it amounts to cheating the public of Andhra Pradesh with false promises.
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    As I have already stated in a similar thread, special status is given based on some well-defined criteria. Presently, Orissa is at the top of the waiting list of states to get special status as per the defined criteria.

    So far as Andhra Pradesh and Telengana are concerned, the political leaders and some of the Members are getting confused about Special Status and Special Economic Package. I feel that both the states are getting various financial packages from the Central Government based upon furnishing Utilization Certificate (UC), but the state leaders are not properly educating the people of the states, due to political consideration.

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    Whether one agrees or not, the people of AP have been taken for ride by both Congress and BJP. When Congress was in power and BJP was in opposition, special status issue was decided and committed to honour. And NDA government has been delaying and denying that promise which made TDP to bow out of NDA. Here both the national parties are held responsible for badly treating the aspirations and expectations of AP. Please remember that bifurcation was made without a sense and when the promise to consolidate their losses were made then, they have to act on that. How come Modi government can go back on the promise. So there is a need to tame this government and hence no confidence motion was brought in. Now the conscience of some ruling party and its ally members are also put into test as to whom they support ie against the motion or for the motion. Monday would be d day for BJP.
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    I do not support the TDP demand for special status. This is blackmail politics. Give special status otherwise we will withdraw our support. After withdrawing support they are pitching for no confidence motion. What is the use of wasting parliament time in such activity which do not have any impact on the government.
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