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    Aloevera - An instant relief to skin problems

    Just thought of sharing knowledge which can benefit many .All are aware that aloevera is considered as a medicinal plant .We hear this name many times in T.V advertisement these days .Thanks to the brands which are now using Aloe-vera on a large scale as they claim .We come across its benefits in beauty magazines or internet in home remedies .We can find the a lot of benefit about this plant on internet and also through medical practitioners mostly who follow Ayurveda .This tropical plant requires less water ,good amount of sunlight and proper soil for its growth .Aloe-vera is known to cure many skin problems ...I wanted to share my personal experience and also share an idea. We have a small balcony in our house where we have planted some trees .We have also planted Aloe-vera .My relative had planted Aloevera at their house. When they shared their personal experience I liked it and decided to get the plant . My cousin has dry skin and had itching problem .She was following medication but there was no extra effort in getting a add on natural cure .
    After applying the Aloe vera gel on the itching part she realised the itching instantly stopped .And when she was about to get that itching sensation start at any part she used to apply the plant gel and the itching did not occur .This was definitely a magic..She started using it regularly and got her problem cured on a major extent .
    We have many products available in the market containing Aloe and people use these products have their own experience but I found out this idea of planting Aloe vera in our garden very useful .This becomes very natural source of Aloe gel which is not combined with any other substitutes the market products might have ....I hope this idea will get an interest for readers and some will benefit by this by planting Aloe vera in their gardens...
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    Aloe vera is a medicinal plant and has many uses. The author very nicely brought up the importance of this plant. We also have this plant in our house and we use that gel for the same purpose and it has given a good effect on this itching sensation on the body.These days many beauty aids are using this product in their preparations and trying to enchase the knowledge of people on this product for their advantage. Anyhow it is good to use this gel directly for the skin problems.
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    I know Aloevera. It is a medicinal plant available to us. I am from a village where Aloevera is abundant. But no one uses it for any purpose. It is now considered as a medicine to cure diabetic. It is available in the form of fresh juice. Diabetics eat Aloevera like Halwa. However, I have not tasted Aloevera though it is available to me in my farm land.
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    Aloe vera is used for many skin conditions and now found in creams, handwashes etc. The author can write up a short article if it is not already there in the article section of ISC.

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    mita S., you are new to this site and have not contributed more so far. I suggest you write an article on this topic. I will suggest you please read this thread of Webmaster. If you need any further help then refer this thread .
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    The narration of author about household Aloe Vera aroused my curiosity to know as to how gel is extracted from the plant. Is it possible to have only one plant in a large size flower plant and pluck a piece of stem or leave to extract the gel for daily use?

    I am also intrigued by the fact that despite the plant being so versatile, it has no popular Indian name. Is it not an Indian plant?

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    Mr. KK
    In Tamil we call it as 'Katralai' a common plant available in the villages where no much rain.

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    Aloe vera is the medicinal plant and it has the mention in all the scriptures of old books on beauty treatment. In those days people used to have desi things available in kitchen for their beaty enhancement like Haldi, aloe vera, Basin powder and so on. This plant which kalled Katthazhai in Tamil can be grown at our balcony or back yards and it need not be watered time and again. It has the tendency to go faster and in cluster. One can pluck a thick leaf, cut in and apply the juice like formation on the skin for a smoother feeling. And those who have the infection and fungus formation on their body, this works as wonder.
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    I know aloe vera, many people use aloe vera juice, its also used as a beauty product. many beauty product manufacturing companies also use aloe vera to produce the cream gel etc.
    in my house, we also have aloe vera plants we use its gel as a face mask, this works as wonder.

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    Wanted to add on some more knowledge that I have about the plant related to the readers questions.....These plant can be planted in a flower pot but better it it is wider upside..
    I have seen Aloe vera plants available in colours from green to grey .The plant stem are very small mostly not visible...The leaves are the major part of this plant with spiky edges..Leaves are generally thick and contain pulp which we call gel ..If you want to use Aloe gel from the plant can pluck Aloe leaf from any point of it depending onthe quantity of pulp you might require .You really not require to pluck out an entire leaf ...When you pluck out the leaf need to cut of the leaf from side which can be done by your fingers and remove the inner gel with the help of your fingers...It really is so easy but you need to take care that you do not get the gel from outer part of the leaf...only inner part pulp should be used...The pulp does not have a distinct taste...nor too bitter nor sweet..Little citric and might get a taste like we get when we crunch green berries...Again don't bite the outer part of the leaf which we usually can see from outside....

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    As SuN pointed, Aloe vera was very common in our front yards and backyards earlier. It is a perennial shrub as it can grow in summer also using whatever water is available o the ground surface and even on atmospheric humidity. It was mostly used in a variety of home made medicines and hair oil applications then.

    I is called in Malayalam as 'Kattaar vazha". similar to 'Kathaazhai' in Tamil.

    Nowadays after the commercial exploitation and advertisements and spreading in social media, the shrub is grown in many houses as a potted plant. But it does not have the 'miracle' powers as claimed in many general messages and notes that get spread in social media and internet.

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    As author Venkiteswaran mentions his point of view for the plant , wanted to mention that it is a medicinal plant as mentioned in Ayurveda and also by brands which endorse it .Now-a-days these brands are associated with well known people . The products have to undergo various tests before they are available in the market .It all depends on the user's experience which varies from person to person .It is a medicinal plant but people call it magical plant based on their own experience.The content is about an idea to plant Aloe vera in our garden and it is a good deed...It will be only after implementing the idea to know the instant benefit of the plant .It gives relief from itching ,can be used on burns or to soothen tanned skin...But we know our body and it alarms us...We need to see doctor if the problem is major and we always prefer their consultation. Aloe vera plant will help us to give instant relief from some related problems and as we say planting is a good act which benefits our some or the other way.

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