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    Nonseasonal Rain! Are they boon or bane?

    Just as the summers were about to get fierce in our place, the climate changed drastically in a matter of few days it started to rain heavily. I have never seen a heavy downpour of rain in this month of the year anytime ever in my life, so we were all so happy and gladly received it, as it all gave us a relief from the rain. It was like heavy water lashing into the furnace.

    But as we were all very happy with the downpour of rain, one of my colleagues showed worry on his face. I wondered what could make him sad as it is good to get rain which has calmed the environment. I approached him and asked him the reason for worry, he replied that his father was a farmer and this rain was going to spoil all the crops and they would be in huge loss, the estimated amount of loss was around 5 lac.

    That was when I realized, how true is that! When we enjoy this rain, the farmers might be praying for the sun. What we considered as a boon is a bane for them.

    Have you received this non-seasonal rain in your locality? Was it boon or bane for you?
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    These days rains any time are welcomed by the people as they get relief from hot Sun and feel relieved from the heat. But for the farmers, untimely rains are not good. They lose their crops. If the rain comes just at the arrival of summer the mango trees will lose the crop. It is a bad thing for the mango crop. Similar when the crop of paddy is ready to cut if there is a heavy rain the paddy will get dipped in the water and it will get spoiled. So untimely rain is a very unwanted issue for a farmer. Once in our village, many farmers cut the crop and kept the paddy as heaps in the field. Then the following two days there was heavy rain and they lost the crop heavily. So the farmers are not having any security for the crop till it comes to their house. That is why we hear much news about these farmers and their problems. They put their money on the land but there is no surety of getting it back.
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    As a child sometimes I used to overhear businessmen in my neighbourhood talking about arrival of monsoon. I used to wonder as to what businessmen have to do with monsoon as it has to be a concern of farmers only. Only later after growing up, I came to realise as to how monsoon affects the life of the whole world. The RBI Governor also looks for timely arrival of monsoon or otherwise for deciding about repo rate.

    However, nowadays due to ecological disbalence and such other factors, the weather cycle has got disturbed and has become unpredictable. Untimely downpour often causes havoc and brings misery to farmers.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    In Tamil there is a wonderful old song which goes like this " Kodayil oru naal mazhai varalam..." that means rains during the summer is rare and if it comes it destroys the crops and fruits which are bound to occur during this season. We know as the Ugadi sets in, there would be plenty of kaccha Mango ready for harvesting and that would turn into mango fruit sooner or later. So with the nonseasonal rains, the mango crops have been damaged extensively and the farmers are very much upset. Normally we may get drizzling and not full rain. But this time the rains lasted for few minutes and in rural areas the rains were lashing. When the rains lashed with wind, the crops and fruits are bound to be damaged beyond use and thus heavy loss to farmers. So this time when we are expecting bumper crop of mangoes, this nonseasonal rains has washed away our hopes.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    One man's joy is other man's sorrow. This is the common concept of nature and life. In Bangalore also we had unseasonal rains last week due to low pressure in the Arabian sea, flood alert was issued in the low lying areas of the city.

    Man has no say in Sun, rain, and wind but yet his life and livelihood depend very much on this. Over the years, we have heard a lot about climate change, harsher summer, worse droughts etc and most leading to man's contribution to the seasonal changes of nature.

    Even small time arecanut growers suffer if there is a continuous heavy downpour because once harvested, there are traditionally dried outside and then boiled in batches to be processed later. The other small farmers having flower crops and vegetable patches would also suffer.

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    #630126 - liked your quoting 'Kodaiyil oru naal mazhai varalaam'. I read in whats up, Devendran and Varunan discussing:'What is this, rain in March?" Varunan replied,"Sorry sir, year end target".

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    Rains are always welcome because this makes the weather awesome. Adding, the water table is recharged & the plants look greener and our hearts are happier but the unseasonal rain is something which brings chaos but for farmers the unseasonal rains bring destruction of which they even can loose their investment.

    The even worse things is that there are cases of suicide by the farmers non-seasonal rains destroyed thousands of hectares of crops before harvest..

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    Should we foresee an increase in the price of crops in the next few months due to this rain?

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    Yes the rates of some crops are going to increase and there would be shortage of mangoes. Already by Ugadi we must taste the ripen mangoes but yet unripen mangoes yet to hit the market in full.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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