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    Is it alright if people take specially prepared delicacies on the day of fasting?

    In North India, the Navratri festival has begun since yesterday. Many people observe 'fasts' during Navratri. It may range from observing fasts only on the first day and last day of the Navratri to observing fast on all the nine days.

    I have noticed that specially prepared delicacies are sold in the market for 'celebration of fasts' days. Such delicacies range from special sweets to deep fried spicy delicacies. Some of such dishes are Singhare ke Atte ka Samosa, Kuttu Ka Dosa, Kele ka Kebab, Dry fruit Kheer, Badam Laddu, Kaju Katli and what not. Many people enjoy such dishes on the pretext of observing fasts.

    Is it alright if people take specially prepared delicacies on the day of fasting?
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    In my opinion, we should avoid fried items during the fast for health reasons. I belong to Islam and we observe fast in Ramadan. We take dates for iftar since it has good nutrient and fulfil all needs for the whole day. We avoid fried items as it may cause acidity and other digestive problems. You should take fruits, fruit juice, items like Daliya since it takes more time to digest, etc.
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    Life is to enjoy on the name of festivals. Fasting is not a compulsion, but a show off. Let us not starve during the festivals. All the delicious dishes you wrote are mouth watering dishes. Festivals are created for us to eat, wear and enjoy only.
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    Do we need this special dishes for fasting? I don't think so. What happened to breaking the fast with a glass of juice or milk and some nuts. Fasting and breaking the fast is purely an individual decision.To me fasting is a ritual undertaking to appease the Gods in return for favors or blessings that ranges form being well, healthy, prosperous or a task to be completed successfully.

    I don't think we need to fast and then indulge in these highly rich (calories) sweets and fried snacks. This is more like commercializing the whole ritual of fasting. No one's going to stops us from eating these things but it sounds going overboard and it takes off the holy aura or reverence from fasting concept.

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    My opinion on this issue is 'NO". After fasting if you take heavy food with all special and delicious foods, the digestive system may get unwanted shocks. Fo 12 hours no activity and the remaining 12 hours heavy activity is not good for the digestive system. After the fasting, you should take light food which will make the digestive system to slowly come to normalcy from a state of inactivity. In my opinion, fasting is more for health maintenance and keeping weight under control. People believe that fasting is to become near to God. Whatever it is once in a while fasting is good as per the Ayurveda also. But there is no rule that you have to stop talking for 12 hours and then take as heavy as possible and be happy. Instead of that continue normal eating and no necessity of fasting. Some people also say that without eating you go to the temple you may not concentrate on God but you will be thinking about your food. It is better to eat and then go to the temple so that your concentration will be only on the God but not on food.
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    During festival seasons, many people doing fasting, I have seen. They will not take anything during the fasting day. But strictly speaking, nothing other than permitted items,to be eaten during the fasting. Probably, I think, such sweets and items mentioned by you (they are making mouthwatering to me) are for giving others who visited on such days. In Navaratri season,(during september in Tamilnadu) we used to put 'doll arrangements/decorations(Golu) and during the nine days my mother and wife observed fasting but prepares 'sundal/sweets' to offer the visitors.

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    These in tradition once started as a means of improving your body functioning but later on transformed has been attached religious practices. So now fasting has become a practice for the devotees of praying to his Lord although this in its original practice never meant for so.

    Adding, that the praising to your Lord is a matter of believe & faith which originates from beneath you. The fact is that God has made us & we are not even carrying any status or the position which enable us to give something back to Him. But even considering this the devotees practice harsh fasting not taking even water so to made offering to the Lord. So in it's comparison this has also become a practice that anyone not able to go to such an extent can eat something in between.

    When I did once without water then the next day I was feeling a kind of weakness. So I would suggest to practice to a limit that your body permits. So nothing wrong.

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