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    How to pass time while waiting outside the exam center

    It is the time of various examination for the 12 students. Many entrance exams like NEET, JEEmain, State engineering entrance exams, VIT, BITSAT, COMEDK etc. Exam centers are alloted far away from your location. When your ward is inside the exam hall,how to pass time while waiting outside the exam center. Members please share the opinion.
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    A very timely thread from Mr. Sharma. Nowadays, we (my wife and me) are taking our daughter to the examination centre for the XII Board examination. As the school is very near to our residence, we reach there within 7-8 minutes. But our daughter always insists to go early and 'discuss' with her friends. But I do know that this 'discussion' causes more tension and many students fall prey to many rumours. I insist my daughter to remain seated inside the car and revise for last 15-30 minutes, instead of gossiping, but my advice falls on deaf ears.

    During my days, I never talked much even with my best friends. Instead, I used to stand alone at one corner and tried to concentrate.

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    There are a good number of activities which can be completed while waiting outside when our ward is in the examination centre. Going for a shopping around that area is one good timepass. If you have any requirement of purchasing some items for the house, you can do that during this waiting period. Similarly, if you have an interest in movies you can go to a nearby theatre and enjoy the movie. But you have to choose a movie which will be completed before your ward comes out of examination centre. Another important thing you can do if you can carry your laptop and data card you can open your ISC and start working on that site. Similarly, if you have an interest in reading you can carry some books and newspapers for reading during that time. I have taken my sons for his entrance test. Luckily the centre was near to my office. I dropped him and gone to the office and back to pick him up. When I have taken my second son to the exam I carried some books with me and spent the time in reading those books.

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    We need to remember that when we are happy & free then we are capable of doing the maximum. While in contrary our efficiency goes down when we feel stressed & thinking too much then required. So considering my personal experience stop revising again & again as this would add to the reduction in our confidence as due to not reminding all topics at once we will be focused to a few only so for rest we might feel fearful. And In this case the answer might not be as planned.

    So mine suggestion is to be free & silent & don't talk much. It's good we enjoy the same not taking those as a burden which often we began to feel so.

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    Really it is good question.
    1.No student should discuss with others about the examination before half an hour to the examination, as there may be confusion by others which makes fear in us though we prepared well.
    2.By recollecting our prepared items by ourselves calmly.
    3.Never refer books for new preparation and firm with whatever prepared.

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    The authors has given good ideas. On 12 march i spend my time by going to nearby Decan garden near Golconda fort in Hyderabad. This is very beautiful and big park for doing photography and taking selfi. Very neat and clean park, I enjoyed by visiting the whole park. Resting in shadow and taking many selfies. We have to find the ways according to the location.
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    The author has raised the question as to how to pass time outside the examination hall when the ward is inside writing the examination. No doubt, almost all parents have to undergo such anxious moments at one time or the other in their life. Everything seems to be put at stake as the final moment of undergoing examination comes after preparations of many years.

    Many people spend their time by silently praying to the God to make the question paper easier for the wards and enable them to score at least qualifying marks. The parents feel as if they themselves are put to the test and wish to achieve through their wards what they could not during their student days.

    However, no amount of stress and strain changes the scenario. Confidence for cracking such competitive examinations develops over a period of time through consistent hard work with due sincerity, determination and dedication.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    What to do when your child appears in the examination? Go on exploring. Please read my relevant thread:-

    This thread

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    The question is answered in two different ways by the members. Few members are talking about parents waiting for the wards outside the exam centre. Few members are talking about their wards waiting outside the exam centre.

    As a candidate, it is better to revise the subject while waiting outside the exam centre. Nothing can be better than this.
    As parents, we can carry a laptop and browse while waiting, or go to a mall(if nearby) and spend time in a/c. As an ISCian we can write some good article during the waiting period. Else we can carry a bedsheet and air pillow and rest under a tree peacefully, and float in a dream world silently.

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    Now a days every one is having smart phone in the hand. Full recharge the phone with data pack. Quietly sit at a shade place and contribute to the forum, ask experts and even create wonderful articles during the time your ward writes exam. You will be fruitfully spending the time because, by contributing every word, you are benefited from the ISC and also good cash credit follows. Moreover instead of wasting time to return home and come back again in a hurry, my suggestion holds good and that would work wonders. Alternatively take some novels, great books for reading and enhancing knowledge.
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    I had myself appeared for many examinations when I was a student and job seeker too. Then I have accompanied my brother/ sister and later on my son for various examinations.

    In all these occasions, I use the waiting time to get familiar with theirs like me. It is very intyeresting and informative to involve in conversation with others placed in similar situations. The discussion starts from simple questions like where from you come or how did you reach here etc and then goes on with narration of personal experiences and general discusion about politics and other current matters. Sometimes it turns out about alleging and accusingthe organisers, recruiters or government and a general statement that 'system is bad or wrong'. Some may even say that the examinations are jus eye wash and the real selection depends on some other factors. That kind of accusations have come down after online examination.

    I also explore the area around the exam centre and locate or find many new things. Talking with the chaiwallah the nearby tea shop,we get a lot of information like how many were there in previous batch or previous occasion etc. Same kind of discussion can be had with the watchman or security in the exam centre.

    I had never felt bored in those times.

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    Parents waiting outside the exam hall for their children taking board exams (center would be different) or competitive exams is like being in a waiting room. You have no choice but to spend the time as you feel appropriate.

    Some parents would be silently sitting, discussing home issues but always thinking what the children are doing inside. Most parents will have the school bag or the children's book used for last-minute revisions.

    Some would wander aimlessly, have some snacks or tea/coffee. A few get into a group and start comparing notes about how the performances were, school and other exams. Few would quietly sit at the edge of some steps and doze off.

    Mr.Partha had mentioned about exploring and finding a lovely Jain temple if the weather permits, we can do that.

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    After reading the thread and all the responses, I got a doubt. Is it necessary to accompany the students to the examination hall? During my school days and college days, no one accompanied me to the examination hall. The same is the case with all the other students. I used to go alone well before the examination time, spend time with friends discussing until examination time and enter the hall. Discussing the subject before the examination was common. This habit of accompanying the children to the examination center is a recent phenomenon. A student appearing for the 10th. or 12th. examination will be of 15 to 17 years of age. Do they require their parents to accompany them to the examination center and wait until the examination is over?
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    The question raised by #630261" Is it necessary to accompany the students to the examination hall? During my school days and college days, no one accompanied me to the examination hall.
    Those days has gone when we used to go to the examination without parents. Consider one small case if you have a doughter, she has to appear in the competition exam in big city like Delhi/ Hyderabad. Due to online trend every school or college do not have computer lab of more than 100 capacity. She will be alloted a centre almost outside the city in an institute away from your home to 60 -70 km and no direct connectivity to the place.If you go by public transport by changing 3-4 places it will take 3-4 hours to reach the centre. Ih you have a car you can reach within 1 or one and half hours comfortably. Now tell is it necessary to accompany the ward?

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    Mr. Sharma, you referred a particular scenario which is not the same to all. I can understand the anxiety of the parent of a girl but what about others? These days boys and girls are attending to colleges which are far off from their home. They are regularly commuting without any assistance from their parents. Why is it so during examination time? I think it is due to the anxiety of the parents which will put an extra burden on the children. The children left alone will be free from tension.
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