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    Eye care for computer/ smart phone addicts

    It is not possible to be away from computer, smart phone and television. Using and working on them resulting many problems. Dry eye is one problem. How to deal with dry eye or what to do so that dry eye does not occur? Honorable member please opine.
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    I wasn't aware about this but I searched the internet that this has been defined as a condition where the eyes don't produce enough tears or the right quality of tears to be healthy or comfortable & because of this we may experience the irritation, gritty, scratchy or burning eyes; a feeling of something in their eyes, excess watering & blurred vision etc. I addition I would request the fellow members to take control of the activities according to the limitations of our body parts. If we cross a limit then certainly something would come up adding to the Monthly Medical Costs. For me no one would like this.

    As we are concerned with the eyes here so we always required to give a rest after a consistent view at the Computer Monitor or a Laptop or with the Smartphone. Take proper intake of water & try to be away from the pollution. Specially the individuals staying in the metropolitan areas & the individuals working as a backend profile would need to relax after a consistent viewing. Also take care of the proper distance when looking at the Monitors.

    Green vegetable is a must.

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    When we are happy or when we feel sorrow tears will come from our eyes. The tears are a mixture of Water for moisture, Oils for lubrication, Mucus for even spreading and.Antibodies and special proteins that keep infection at bay. But when the eyes become dry you will not have these oils and other ingredients. When your eyes are dry you feel ad if there is some gritty material in your eyes. Sometimes you will shed too much of water when you have dry eyes. This is due to excessive supply of the required items to the eyes by your body after receiving indications from the for dryness. There are certain eye drops available in the medical shops for coming out of this problem. You can use those medicines. But it is better to take the doctor's advise before you use drops. When you are working on computer or laptop it is better to give a break in between and relax for some time so that the strain on your eyes will come down. It is also good to wash the face and eyes with cold water once or twice in between when you are working for very long times. It is advisable to use reading glasses and also screen shield when you use these instruments for long.
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    It is very important to take care of our eyes .They show us the world and mark our presence. Adequate amount of sleep or proper sleeping hours should be followed.There are some eye exercises which can benefit . If a person is feeling too much strain on the eyes he will realise water flowing from the eyes. Don't give these organ so much pain. There should be break taken by people working too much on computers .Also should strictly avoid putting your eyes to work in darkness for viewing in mobiles . Some healthy food such as green vegetables like spinach ,carrots ,nuts,eggs benefit eyes... Proper sleep is required and some people find difficult to get it due to stress ,There are various eye masks available in the market and online .Using them can relax your eyes and help in getting proper sleep.It is always better to visit a eye-doctor if you have eye problems such as dry eyes which causes itching or water coming out of eyes etc.

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    Since the rays emanating from the screens of the computer, laptop or the smart phone is extremely dangerous for our eyes, we should not over use the gadgets for the hours together and it is necessary to give breaks now and then. The brightness of the screen should be minimum and always have a light source above the computer , so that the glare of the computer screen is prevented direct hit to our eyes and thus we can have certain reprieve from eye irritation or the eyes going dry. Gently massage the eye after the work is over so that we should feel the relaxation to the eyes after heavy work.
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    This is like an Ask the expert question. The editors can decide

    Avoid leaning forward to stare at the screen. Maintain a minimum of one foot from the screen.

    Often the brightness, intensity and the glare from surrounding lights makes one stare or develop discomfort

    Use anti-glare screen/No strain magnetic screen etc, and select base line brightness 30-40 and contrast 50-60 (this is what regular gamer laptops suggest) and then gradually increase until you are comfortable. it should not be dim that you are peering into the screen to make out the characters

    You must remember that in a normal period we keep doing things at work or while outside wherein our eyes keep changing focus for near to far multiple times and we don't stare at things often. But the opposite happens while you are at a computer. So, try to look around, focus on an indoor plant, the clock on the wall or just look out of the window etc, anything to break the monotonous straining at the screen.

    Use a pair of reading glasses, try simple eye exercises like up-down, right-left and circular movements. SOme find a warm wet cloth applied over closed eyes for a few minutes help.These are over the counter lubricant eye drops too that you can try.

    The simplest is every hour or so, try to walk away from your desk for a few minutes, climb a flight of stairs, a little brisk walk for a few minutes will be helpful. Most of what applies to the desktop/laptop screen willing apply for tab and mobile screens.

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    "There are various eye masks available in the market and online" suggested by Mita. S. Can you give more details about the product.
    Views expressed by other authors are very good. I thank one and all.

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    It is necessary that we should take some rest during working on the internet. After every 15-20 minutes, we should move our eyes from the computer and should rest the eyes. It would certainly work. I work many hours on the computer but I have never faced this type of problem. Masks are also available to protect our eyes from the rays. Similarly, if you wear spectacles, then use the glasses which protect our eyes from rays.
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    Mr.NK Sharma ,eye masks are made up of cloth with cushion type part at the eye region. Mostly people who constantly travel outside use them while resting in day time while they are travelling may be in trains or buses to keep away the light .It creates total Darkness around Eyes and promote proper Sleep. You can search and view them on some Online Shopping sites to get more idea about them....

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