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    Why do some people not listen to others?

    There are many people who discuss with colleagues and friends in a very polite and nice way and tell their things in a proper way as well as hear others views patiently. On the other hand, there are people who will talk and talk and will not let others speak. They will simply try to force their ideas on others in an aggressive way.

    The people of the latter category are not popular in the society, still, they do not amend their ways.

    Why do some people not listen to others and go on talking unilaterally?
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    Yes, correct, I have also met such persons in many places. The main reasons for this:
    1.They must be dominating persons
    2.They possess ego
    3.They think that their views are only correct
    4.They are of that type not considering others as human
    5.They must be deaf

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    The main reason for such behaviour is inferiority complex. They feel that if they are speaking others may think they don't know anything. So in order to make others believe they know everything they try to talk more and more. They will never give a chance to others to speak. Generally, some bosses will do this. When any meeting is called for the person who is at the helm of the affairs will start speaking and he never allows others to talk. Ultimately what he thought as the best solution for the problem will be decided by him as the best one and people has to go with that decision only. But this is not a good way. All participants should be given time to talk.Otherwise, there is no meaning in a group activity. Sometimes they will end up as laughing stocks and none should take their words seriously. So we should be wise in our talking. We have to hear more than talk. That is why God has given us two ears to hear and one mouth to speak.
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    This happens when a person is not able to justify himself & this is a strategy wherein he continues to speak in order to divert from the original subject & move to something else.

    In context to the current topic, I do agree with the above authors who is specifically pointed out the reasons of this type of behavior. However I object to the word "DEAF". I do feel that this has been used in the "literary" sense & not concerned to a handicapped or physically challenged person.

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    I agree with Mr. Ved Praksh that the persons who cannot justify their opinion or argument resort to this tactic. They tend to divert and jump from one subject to other. Their common reply will be mostly "I do not agree with you". I do not feel this is because of an inferiority complex.
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    This is typical Umesh thread about people behaviour. Here are some other thread of his which has been posted with different title but contents are almost the same.

    This thread about Tendency

    Cordially behaviour

    This is about negativity

    about arrogant behaviour

    So many threads written without having anything new, it feels as if each thread is repetition from other thread.
    Recently, one of our lady member's thread was deleted because she is used to post about "life" subject. The Editor found nothing new in it and asked her to post fresh topic. I hope rules are same for everyone.

    I have found the editor suggestions in In this thread response no-625760 & 625762

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    Why do some people not listen to others and go on talking unilaterally?
    This depends on the conditioning and the environment in which the individual is brought up. This has become an integral part of their personality. It is almost impossible to change such people. Better accept them as usual. If they are not listening, make them to listen by force.

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    Such people are unfortunate in the sense that they didn't get a conducive environment to get their personality developed properly. The humans as a social animal have to live in the society and interact with the people in the surroundings. Normal course of interactions involves both listening and speaking.

    People don't listen to others because they feel that only they are correct and there is no need of having additional inputs. Such an attitude is one of the biggest wrong notions such people have. Only the fortunate among such people become able to correct themselves in due course of time after getting hit by the circumstances.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    You may come across such people who would not allow you to talk and the moment you want to utter something, they immediately would interrupt you with and they would make a forceful explanation in support of his earlier claim.
    But one thing is sure, they are the people suffering from some sort of superiority complex and they would not mend their ways despite knowing the shortcoming. In such a bizarre situation, it would be best to maintain calmness in ones approach and would be better to say good bye to such a fellow and make an exit from this unwanted situation.

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    The simple answer is the feeling or ego that'why should I listen to others'.

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    I understand from this thread's responses, these kind of people are having both complexes because one person says it is superiority complex while other says inferiorly complex and hence we can say they are complex to anything.

    It will be really difficult for others to survive in this attitude person as there is no chance to tell our opinion and indirectly they will force or influence that we should accept that they are correct. For that, in the nonstop talk they will add all kind of masalas like imagination, lies etc. to justify that they are the only correct.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    This is mostly due to insensitivity and lack of education about the basic etiquettes of conversation. Listen, pause, speak and then allow others to speak. This would be good mannerisms of a conversation.

    Some individuals like to be the focus of attraction and keep speaking so that they have the attention of the others. At times they assume that they are the masters of any subject and keep advising. The term for such people is 'loudmouth', someone who talks a lot in an annoying, obnoxious way. These are people who have the wrong notion that 'loud is strong' and 'quiet is weak.'

    The way to deal with such people is to politely and collectively ignore them, they would soon realize their folly and mend there ways because these are social chatterboxes and can't tolerate social isolation.

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    Some people have the imposing character of pressurising their view point on us in such strong terms that we are bound to listen in spite of we hate them from the heart. They are habituated to behave in such manner. They do not even think that they are doing wrong thing and they cannot impose their thinking process on others in such a easy way. Nevertheless, God has given us the vision and thinking power and to decide what is right and what is wrong. If we argue with such type of people, they only escalate the things and better to keep quiet or leave from the place with slight note of agreement.
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    Jeet Singh,

    We checked out the threads mentioned by you in your response #630180. Yes, Umesh does write about the behaviour of people, but please note that the threads are about different behavioural traits. These may have similar overlapping aspects, but this thread, in my view, does not look the same as those. One is on revenge, another on cordiality, etc. Hence we have allowed this thread.

    The threads of the other member were not merely about the subject of life but had the exact same content and hence we suggested that she could come up with fresh topics. Subsequently, after discussion in that thread, she did seem to have arrived at an equable understanding of our request.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Vandana the ME of ISC,

    "but please note that the threads are about different behavioural traits. "

    I did noted it before I have posted my response. If a behaviour can be written in many way , why can't we write about life's different situations in many ways? If I go with your words she has talked about negativity of life in different situations.

    However, I am not surprised with your decision. Let the Forum get filled with repeated posts. same old topic.

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    Coming to the topic of this thread.

    I feel sometime very proud of being associated with ISC members, the members who are ready to comment about others behaviour as if they do not have any negative point on them? The author has habit of pointing out others behaviour but I would like to ask him, is he the "perfect" man in his real life? Does he have no negative points on his behaviour? Or he just want to show people that how he is better than others?

    Why to simply point others to show oneself better than others? Every people have their own attitude and behaviour, if someone doesn't like it, move on!

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    Jeet Singh,

    I smiled on seeing your response - I am not surprised by your response either! I did note and re-check the other member's thread's situations before posting my response. The situations were the same. Besides, when Pooja Srivastava herself accepted the decision and very clearly ended with "I got your point, thank you again." why should you bring it up again?

    I think once an issue has been dealt with, having endless discussions on it will achieve nothing. So let this thread not go off-track please.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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    Sorry to take this thread off track but I would not let you go without having my own answer.

    Let me first clear it out I am not taking anyone side neither I have any interest about any member who are agreed with editors point or not. Every one can not be Jeet and question to editors. However, she did kept her point in response number #625839 in that particular thread. But again as you do to force some member to keep quiet. So, she has been agreed to get matter solved not as if she is totally agreed with you people decision. which is clearly showing in her last response.

    Obviously, it will achieve nothing when you have your own set of opinion to look in the matter. Above all, in India any case can be reopen in any time. If any situations comes and I want to get clarification, I would obviously ask my doubt. Can't I?

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    Some people are just stubborn and some people just zone out when in a conversation, it is just natural human tendency that the mind is disturbed and it starts thinking about multiple things.

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