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    Jokes to relax please

    Elder:Why you have written your father's name in big paper and kept in the refrigerator?
    Boy:You only advised me not to spoil my father's name
    One:(by showing a man)He is regularly going to gym.
    Another:How do you know?
    One:It is easy the gym goers walk by keeping their both hands as holding a big sambar bucket
    One:Many male members to the extent of 65% are obeying their wives.
    Another:Then balance 35%
    One:Simple, unmarried.
    A man in a rainy day annoys himself on the road. Another asked him the reason. He told,'It is unjust. During summer many offer buttermilk in sheds but in winter nobody offering tea/coffe like this.'
    One:How you saying confirm that doctors should have 'neet'exam?
    Doctor:Because they are not writing the prescription 'neat'
    Husband:What is this, there are some two rupee, one rupee coin found in the sambar?
    Wife:You only told yesterday that there should be change in cooking.
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    Good jokes. Today we have an early refreshing contribution from the author. Doctors have to write NEET examination as they don't write the prescription NEAT is the top joke of the day in the given jokes. Thanks to the author.
    always confident

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    Thank you sir,
    Rao Ji, you are that doctor, I believe.

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    No Sir, I am not a medical doctor. I am PhD in Chemistry. But I liked that particular joke very much that is why I mentioned specially.
    always confident

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    An interesting break. Simple but bringing out smile in us .

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