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    Lazy work you find to do

    Hi Friends,
    Actually, I stitched on the wrong side of my saree fall and later I realized it was the wrong side. So I took every slow to open the stitches back because it was a silk saree. That time I realized that any work can be done fast but opening stitch was a very lazy work for me. So prolonged many days and today I finshed it ultimately.
    Actually laziness will never give success life. But stil one or the other weak points or lazy things are there in our life which we always prolong for many days and then do at the correct moment. Do any body has such habits.
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    Normally if we sit to work with laziness or lack of interest, the known work will also get bored or will go mistake. Many times I have seen my wife use to sit for tailoring work by finishing all her other work and did without any disturbance and finish very quickly. But as the author told, the correcting work of wrongly done is boredom as anything.

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    Have you ever put the milk bowl on gas & went to sleep.

    Often this has happened to me. So when I wake up I have a lot of things to do in order to clean the gas & the surface.

    Wastage including actions not of any interest but required.

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    Laziness appears to be a common human nature. Procrastination is also a similar personality trait of individuals. Take the example of people waiting till the last date for payment of electricity and telephone bills or filing income tax returns.

    Lazy people idle away their valuable time in not doing the things despite being capable of doing. Such persons generally remain content with whatever they have and miss opportunities for making further progress.

    Laziness can be compared with termites which make the wood hollow from inside. Let us end this account by remembering the story of tortoise and hare.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    It is the tendency of the people to postpone things if they are lazy. Certain works we can't do fast. It will take its own time. We can't call it a lazy work. Doing rightly is not difficult if you concentrate on the work. But correcting a wrongly done work is a very difficult task. I hope for you stitching a falls on a saree will take very less time. As you have not seen properly which side you have to stitch. A mistake happened and correcting that will naturally take a long time. But because you feel lazy the time has been extended further.
    Generally, it happens if you have no interest in a particular task, it will take more time for you to respond to that particular work. Having no interest will invoke laziness in you. We should not become lazy as the time passes will not come back again. Even time can't stop time from not moving. So be alert and enthusiastic about doing your works.

    always confident

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