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    Our behavior reflects what we have been transformed into.

    Throughout our lives, we will be in different circumstances and accordingly, we develop ourselves into a different set of personality.

    Personality is a trait of any individual defined in the way we behave or react to something. So, when we all were still small, we believed in almost anything. Then, with the time, our interpretation kept on changing. In the literary sense, we call this maturity. Then we come to know that certain things we had been told of were not true. Now we have defined a set of rules and principles and our decisions will be based on those. This has been the fact with each one of us that we continue to learn new things and we adapt to certain conditions which remains different to different people and will keep on adding to our experiences and expertise.

    This could also be the basis that adds to the beauty of this world that we don't find anyone exactly like us.
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    In fact, nothing is Idealistic in this world. we can reach somewhere near perfection, but not to perfection. This is the fact of life. An individual will always go in improving himself by his observations and ex[ereince. As we grow in our age our thinking process will become better and our ideas on the things and our understanding of the facts will go on changing. This is true in all the cases. Today what we feel is correct after a period of time we may not think as correct. It is because of the knowledge we gained during this period.
    Individuals think differently and do differently. No two individuals are similar in appearance or in thought process also. Learning is a continuous process and we always will try to learn and improve our understanding of various aspects of life.

    always confident

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    At the time of birth, the individuals are totally innocent. They remain like clean slates and gradually learn many things from their parents, teachers and other people in the surroundings.

    The initial few years of development of a child are most crucial. During this phase only, they learn as to how to respond and cope up with given situations.

    It is the duty and responsibility of the parents to take due care in raising their children properly failing which they find themselves in very miserable condition at the fag end of their life.

    One gets born in a particular family and acquires a certain set of parents depending upon his/her luck. A child born in a criminal or poverty ridden family is bound to acquire a different set of behaviour than a child born in an educated and well to do family.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Let me take the last part first, if we are similar, then life would become a monotony like a army of robots, we need to be different. As humans through various stages of development, we are constantly exposed to the outside world, except what is told to us and basically imitate the people we come in contact with. It's like observe, learn and repeat.

    As we grow up, develop the ability to think, to rationalise and we modify ourselves and yes we transform. For instance, most of us hold very dearly our own life is called as the normal person, while a person who takes his own life in a moment's weakness is referred to a coward, and a person who takes many other lives is referred to a terrorist. So, whether the thinking of the people in the above three examples is rational or not, the pattern or behaviour differentiate them.

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    Nice topic initiated by the author. Matured behaviour from the person depends on how he or she was nurtured by the parents. If the parents are well mannered, and has the very good background of sound legacy on customs and traditions, surely that will be passed on to their children. If a pregnant lady listens to good stories while she was about to deliver, the child would listen those stories and turns out be a good citizen of future. This was clearly mentioned in our Epics. Therefore it is the mother who can play a great role in nurturing a child with good character which shall transform the life for good in future.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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