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    Do you agree that traditional Indian kitchens are like a mini ayurvedic pharmacy?

    Consider the following list -
    Mustard seeds
    Carom seeds

    The above are only some of the common ingredients found in traditional Indian kitchens. I believe that these spices and many more entered the kitchen long back after getting tested over a period of time.

    We all know that these ingredients are not meant only for making the food tastier by imparting flavours but have therapeutic values also. Being of plant origin or herbal products, generally they don't have any adverse side effects also except in cases when misused or ingested in excess quantity.

    What are your comments in this regard? Are traditional Indian kitchens like a mini ayurvedic pharmacy?
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    It is hundred percent true. Whatever required for maintaining a good health is there in our kitchen. But how you use them and get benefitted is your lookout. I think our good old grandparents defined and designed our foods keeping our health into consideration only. But because we are not aware of the importance of these products we never feel that we should use them which are healthy for us. If you just see the three-four eras back where are the allopathic medicines and how many are using them? We hear that many of the diseases known today were not there those days. The reason being their working attitudes and food habits. They used to have a very good food habit and they are very healthy also.
    So if one knows the importance various natural products in maintaining good health and they use them properly in their food I think many of the present day doctors and diagnostics centres will not have sufficient work.

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    It is, that's why we have many programs and books, grandma's kitchen or home remedies, secrets of Indian kitchen cupboard etc. We have most of it but somehow ignore it because either we have forgotten or not fully aware of the medicinal values of these items. If grandparents are at home, certainly, we will often be reminded by them. Some people want to just swallow a pill and move on for simple ailments, for such people the natural remedies would not have much of an appeal. I think, we should certainly start using them more regularly for their medicinal values too if the ailment persists then seek medical help.

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    I totally concur with the statement that our own home, especially kitchen is akin to the Ayurvedic pharmacy.
    Earlier the medicine were prepared at home only. The Ayurvedic Vaid prescribes the ingredients, how to prepare and the dose to be taken.
    In my childhood I have sen various Ayurvedic medicines(for our own uses being prepared at our home under the Ayurved Vaid's prescription. Most of the ingredients were sourced from inside the kitchen and some from the front yard or back yard. Other items like ghee , coconut oil also were prepared at home by home methods. Very rarely only we have to buy something from the native medicine shop.

    Even now I use home remedies for most small complaints. They get cured by them easily.

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    Yes I agree with the author that most of the items we have in kitchen have the items prescribed by the Ayurvedic experts for the home remedies. For example if one has the stomach upset and has the loose motion, have some methi seeds along with butter milk , soon the person would have greater relief. Likewise if those have the dandruff problems in their hair, take some camphor and make it powder and mix with coconut oil and apply before going to bed. Even lies would vanish. Likewise if one has the warts on the face or the body, just burn two or three laung and make powder on beetel leaf and apply along with Chunna on the warts, it will be vanished within two or three days.
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    Yes, I agree with the author that our traditional kitchen is like mini Ayurvedic Pharmacy. It is essential that we use all these items in our meal to be healthy. The medicine of every disease is present in our kitchen. Even some small things like kalonji are anti-cancerous. Likewise, all spices have medicinal properties and we should use them daily to be healthy.
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    Do you store rock salt (sendha namak) and black salt (kala namak) also in your kitchen which are known to have some therapeutic value?
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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