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    Are you aware of the importance of dietary fiber?

    Though we often talk about vitamins and minerals present in our diet but we often skip talking about the dietary fiber. Let us recall that certain portion of the food from plant sources ingested by us remains undigested which is called roughage or dietary fiber.

    There are two types of fiber - soluble and insoluble. The soluble fiber dissolves in the water and delays gastric emptying imparting a prolonged feeling of fullness. The insoluble fiber doesn't dissolve in water, provides bulking and eases defecation.

    Let us discuss about some affordable rich sources of fiber which can be included in our daily food.
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    The Banana stem (The white tube light like material) (In Tamil - Vazhai thandu) is a fiber food which we should add in our diet. If not everyday, it should be taken once or twice in a week. It is a tough job to make the dish by removing the thread like substance from it. Only the experts can make good curry out of it. It helps to overcome constipation. Also it is a good medicine for Hernia.
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    There are many vegetables and fruits which are having this fibre. Some varieties of mango fruits will have this fibre material. When we make pickle with mango we will select raw mango with avarage fibre material which is good for health. The center portion of the trunk of banana tree is a very good example for this. We call it Doota in Telugu. A variety of dishes will be made with this material which is very tasty and healthy. Some varieties of water melon also contain some fibre material.
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    Most people take dates,flak seeds, Californian prunes to increase the fiber. The affordable ones are beetroot,cabbage,capsicum,beans,carrot. Among the fruits apple,banana and the berries are good. 90-92% of the watermelon is water, it has some fiber but not enough solely to be relied upon. Most of the beans do have fiber.

    Fiber is important for the health of intestine and for the ease of bowel movement. People suffering with constipation often end up taking fiber supplements take are available in the medical shops. Isabgol is a powder that has psyllium husk ( swells by taking in water and helps in bulking the stools) that helps to ease constipation.

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    Some of the examples of fiber rich vegetables are spinach, cauliflower, potatoes, peas, pumpkin and sweet potatoes. Fruits like banana, mangoes, oranges and coconuts are also rich in fiber content. Chickpeas, split peas, mung beans, rajma and lentils are fiber-rich legumes often used in Indian recipes.
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    yes, I agree with the author that dietary fibres are necessary in our food. We should take such type of food which are good for dietary fibres. Some people ignore it. Dietary fibres prepare a juice which helps in digestion. So, proper digestion it is essential that we should eat dietary fibres. Orage, spinach, all green vegetables, fruits are the good sources of dietary fibres. If you want to be healthy your food must have dietary fibres.
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