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    New earning opportunities created by TRS government for open plot owners to offer as parking lots

    Probably for the first time in the country the GHMC in Hyderabad has came with the great idea of earning opportunities for those plot owners who have open lands in the twin cities and yet no structure on that. By offering the private plots as parking lots, one can start decent earning on their waste plot and thus income for the owner can be generated. By doing this the government is providing new parking lots which is the need of the hour for the twin cities harping for more space to car and other vehicles parking.
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    The concept of letting out empty land in prime spots in the city for parking has been in practice. If you look at many metros besides a hospital, a busy shopping lane or a busy upcoming residential area or near a call centre, if there is even a small vacant site, to owners themselves let it our or the commercial establishments approach to use them for parking spaces.

    They charge Rs 15/hour for two-wheeler and Rs25/hour for four wheelers and display a ridiculous big board, we are not responsible for the loss of your vehicle or helmets.

    This idea of legalising the use of empty land in busy places sounds to me like a plan by the Government to allow people to earn but also declare it so that it would be taxed and in turn the Government also benefits. If you legalise something that is illegal, the least you can except is a share from that venture(here in form of tax on earnings).

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    But in this new initiative even a open land of 100 yards is enough to be eligible to join the rental scheme announced by the government.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    This is a good idea. The parking problem will be solved. The Municipal Corporation and the landowner earn money. The persons having open plots do not pay taxes. Now in this scheme, the Corporation can deduct the tax from the rental. Beneficial in all respects.
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    This is a better initiative. If the landowner is having some empty spaces which have not been utilized and he can lend it to renting. Hyderabad is a city where people won't get enough space for parking their vehicle. The government has put good agencies for this contract and the agency is responsible for any loss, but in the recent times, people have lost their helmets after they park the vehicle in the parking lot. The government has to make the process transparent which makes the people more helpful.
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    It is a good concept. In a village in Andhra Pradesh, the Surpunch of that village started this in that village. In that village, there was a junior college. The college is having a very small open area and not enough place for the students to keep their cycles. Then the surpunch negotiated with the landlord of a open land by the side of the school and he has given that area on rent to the school to use it as a parking place. The school will pay monthly some amount as parking charges.
    The concept of HMDA is to be encouraged. But the only problem is to find open land in the busy areas. In Hyderabad, the metro trains occupancy is very less due to the parking place availability only. many stations don't have a place to park the vehicles.

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    As per newspaper reports, the people are not much enthusiastic about the scheme announced by the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC) as it is feared that the GHMC may permanently convert their lands into parking facilities, and eventually assume ownership of the land. The corporation has received only two applications for the setup of stack parking facilities so far.
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    Actually many plot owners prefer to give parking for private buses and taxis at night and get good amount of rent on daily basis.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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