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    While giving respect to elders is must but why we suspect every one before giving respect to them ?

    Given the cheating process being carried out every where and there is every doubt regarding behaviour of persons coming in contact with us , we have enough doubts on every one even the seasoned elders. On the face of it we must respect the elders, given their age and experience . But we often try to ascertain facts and sure of the elders we are moving with and then try to respect them in future. What is your say in this. Should we accord respect to elders at the face of it or should we probe them and then give respect. ?
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    The example of persons like Asaram Bapu can very well be cited to answer the question raised by the author. He had millions of followers touching his feet and otherwise also offering respect in all forms and manners. People had blind faith in him but at the end what came to light? He had been not only a dirty old man but a hardcore criminal also.

    Nowadays, the younger generation is smart enough to not blindly follow or offer respect to any individual only on the basis of one's age or outward appearance.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Elderliness is not only a phenomenon of age, it is also connected with your attitude, talking and behaviour. We need not consider all the aged people as elders, in my opinion. A person with good manners and attitude can be respected even though he is younger in age. The respect can't be demanded, it is to be given. The best example has already given in#630233. So we should respect a person with all goods only. But not simply by age. So, first of all, we should observe, see what is he doing, how he is talking and what is his attitude and then only you should respect the other person. But we should not criticize anybody without fully knowing about the other person basing on the information given by somebody. It is always better to know about the other person and then decide whether he deserves your appreciations and respects. If a teacher is misbehaving with his students how that student can respect the teacher as because he is teaching lessons in the class.
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    Respect is something which comes automatically from within & can't be forced on anyone.

    I have often heard of that we should respect elders & this should be the case but still I don't feel that this should always be the case as each one of those are not respected.

    What each one of us do in our personal lives even in context of our habits is a different thing but becomes very important when that activity also having an impact on us. For example, habit is not based on the age but is just a matter of our past that once were aligned to. Few of them which are also most commonly seen are smoking cigarettes, being alcoholic, eating gluten etc. In addition we can include telling lies or theft or others similar activities which I don't even want to list here but should be understood.

    So is absolutely perfect to differentiate while showing respect to others as all are not of that level.

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