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    Should I republish or write a new article as Part 2?

    A few months back I had written an article about Dev Ops. I would like to add more contents to it as I finished my training in DevOps.

    Should I republish it by adding more contents into the same article or write an altogether a new article as Part II?

    Here is the link to that article-

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    In my opinion a new article should be written afresh without even referring the previously published articles. It will give an opportunity to the author to express herself in a better manner after getting equipped with supplementary knowledge as a result of having completed the training course.
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    In my opinion, if you want to add some content, you should update your existing article. For that, you have to make a request in forum section by providing the link to the editor. Editors will unlock your existing article and you would be able to edit your existing article.
    If your article has totally new content then I will suggest you write a fresh article on that subject.

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    If you consider augmenting your points and earnings, you have to submit additional information in the second part of the article. If you consider the convenience of the readers, you have to seek permission to edit the old article and add the additional points.
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    As a author we always have the option to add fresh details by going to editing option and re-publish them. However, you are also having liberty to write new article on any subject.
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    I feel it is better to make a fresh article as Part 2 so that the people who are already read your part 1 will also read part 2. Otherwise, there is a chance some people may miss the article thinking that they have already completed reading the article. Another advantage for you is additional points and cc. So you better go for a new article with the additional information.
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    My suggestion would be similar to what a few have advised - submit another article. You can give it an SEO-friendly title like 'What are the training modules for DevOps' and in the summary mention, "This article is an insight into the training program for DevOps based on a personal experience". In the intro part of your article, mention briefly what DevOps is about (with different text from your first article) and a link to your earlier article. Then talk about the career scope/job prospects, the importance of getting the right training for it and then move on to all the training aspects which you experienced, where you underwent this training (if it is not required that you must keep this confidential), etc.

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    Thank you, everyone, for your advice!
    I'll go for writing a new one instead of republishing the older one.

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