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    Have you watched Navjyoth Sidhu's hard hitting talk at Congress Plenary. It was exemplary.

    I was watching the news video on how Navjyoth Singh Sidhu, the Congress leader from Punjab has virtually taken every one to laughter by his punching dialogues against BJP and praising Rahul beyond imagination. His praise for Sonia was mention worthy and overall he called the youth to support Rahul Gandhi in full and see that next Independence day flag is unfurled by Rahul as the Prime Minister of India. Now what I suspect whether he would be there in the party till then. Because he is known to shift sides.
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    No comments about the leaders who shift parties like shedding their clothes.
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    It sounded and looked more like a comedy video. He kept mentioning his trademark punchline like rhyming phrases. He apologized to Mr.Manmohan Singh, referred to him as a 'Sardar' and an 'asardhar', how his (Singh's) silence was powerful that the BJP noise. He kept praising everyone and highlighted that the economy under Congress was galloping but now under BJP going like a tortoise. All this is good to listen, in between some serious talk, I just wonder whether anyone in Congress will take Sidhu seriously. If he wants to be a good politician, then he should give up his funny talks and start doing good work for the people and stay in Congress for some time so that he can progress.

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    Sidhu is a well-known cricket commentator and expert invitee for these live telecasts of the matches with some extended reviews before and after the game. He is earning there a lot. I think he is not happy with his income there and started his career as a politician. Many days he was in BJP.Today he is in Congress. Tomorrow we don't know he will be in which party. These people are of no use to the public and no use to the party also. So I think everybody will laugh at him.It is better if he concentrates on TV shows anchoring and cricket commentaries instead of making the people laugh at him with his immature dialogues and statements. He is very notorious for changing parties and yesterday he was in BJP today he is in Congress and where he will be in another couple of days nobody knows. Very immature and valueless talks and none will take them very seriously I think
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    He is someone like Arvind Kejriwal who have kept on distributing character certificates to others while at the same time changing their stands. In the mean time Navjyoth Sidhu is supporting the Congress Party while showing dissatisfaction to the BJP or the NDA stand.

    Few Months back & for quite some time he was also spending time with AAP & BJP. I do believe that somewhat he is a confused personality not able to get his opinion also.

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    Sooner Kapil Sharma is going to start the reality show in Sony tv and surely Sindhu Paaji would be his preferred guest and he would forget the Congress party altogether.
    K Mohan
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    I know Sindhu as a comedian only. His best performance comes out in television comedy shows only. Because of his cricket and comedy shows background he has become popular and developed a capability of winning elections. Many individuals of films background have entered and succeeded in politics on the basis their mass popularity in south Indian states.

    I will be least surprised if he becomes an important cabinet minister in a congress government at center in the year 2024.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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