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    Quote in beginning of Devgn movie RAID

    Does anyone know the quote at the beginning of the new Ajay Devgn movie "Raid"? It's presented in Hindi before the movie starts. It's something like, more important than the king's army is the king's treasure.

    What is the full quote, and where is it from? It sounds like Kautilya but the closest I can find there is something a bit different: "the army is sometimes the means of securing the wealth acquired; but wealth is always the means of securing both the treasury and the army."

    Does anyone know the actual source?
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    It is mentioned in the Kautilya Arthshastra that -
    "All undertakings depend on finance. Hence foremost attention must be paid to the treasury… Thus, when both the receipts and expenditures are properly earned for, the King will never find himself in financial or military difficulties... sometimes, the army is the means of securing the wealth acquired; but wealth is always the means of securing both the treasury and the army."

    The Ajay Devgan starer movie 'Raid' is inspired by the real life I-T raids conducted by the Indian Revenue Service (IRS) officers in the 1980s. The above mentioned quote from the Kautilya Arthashastra conveys that successful kingdoms must have healthy finances and use of coercion, i.e. the army in collecting taxes is justified.

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    Kautilya is very famous for his planning and handling of finances. His work on finance is very helpful even today to many people. As per him, finance part is to be taken at the first step. In our history, there are many instances wherein the King declared war on other kingdoms and the military services went to the other countries and acquired money from them as they accepted to be the subordinated to the king. That is how the Emperor and King concept has come.
    The RAID is a picture of IT raids and collection of money. To say that the military action is justified in collecting the taxes I think he referred the above quote.

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    Does anyone know the quote? does anyone actual source? I think, when generating a thread, we should be sure of facts, if not try to find out or post a question in asking the experts section to get answers. This would help people to learn and respond.
    This thread starts and ends with two unsure facts with Kautilya's sayings in between. As expected, members are also replying about both.

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