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    When we sulk to open up, then why get envied when others prove their mantle ?

    It is the human nature that we get envied over the others performance and progress and do express our unhappiness in many ways. We do have ability, courage and has the necessity to open up against the issues or wants, but we sulk for obvious reasons, and when others virtually snatch our views and thinking process, we do get agitated and even envy that person for hijacking our thought. But in these days of competition and close observance of others, one should do the work immediately and should not postpone and regret. What is your view ?
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    Climbing Mount Everest gives you a personal satisfaction but you have to plant a flag and take a picture for the world to know that you do have climbed after X and before Y.

    Similarly, having an idea, a concept a brainwave and ruminating over it for months is of no use. What one many can discover, the other too can and many others can duplicate. So, 'Time'and 'Assertive action is of the essence if you have to succeed instead of 'Lament'and 'negative actions'at a later date.

    These days, being honest can be counterproductive because your thoughts, your intellectual capabilities can be 'borrowed'by others around you if you are very naive. You need to be honest, ethical but smart in present-day world.

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    A very interesting thread from the author. It is very true that many times we get some idea but cannot transform it to a creative piece in time only to find later that someone has presented that Idea in a discussion forum or in a social gathering. Many times instead of accepting our fault we simply envy the person and burn ourself in that self created fire.

    It is something like crying over spilt milk and becomes a irreversible process. In such episodes we only damage ourselves by unnecessary delaying our creative outlets and feel sheepish by seeing good presentations by other people.

    Knowledge is power.

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    In my own case, I never want to open up. So, I feel relieved when some other person takes the limelight. When another person takes the limelight, it automatically ensures that nobody would give much attention to me.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is what you do is important rather than what you think. You may have many new ideas in your mind. You have to make them public and see that there will be a good discussion on the topic. In this era of competition and intelligence, you can't keep your thoughts in your mind. You have to open up. Then only your thoughts will be known to others. Otherwise, the idea will come to somebody else and he will score the point. Here the problem is with you not with the other. So act in time and implement your ideas by discussing with all concerned. Especially in the Organisation, all the issues are known to all concerned and many of them will be thinking about a suitable answer to the problem. So they themselves will come out as they also got the idea. So we should be quick in bringing out our points as quickly as possible. Once it comes from others nobody will believe your statement that I also got the same Idea.
    always confident

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