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    Why the Government is afraid of taking up no-confidence motion in the Parliament?

    The YSRCP and Telugu Desam parties moved a notice of no-confidence motion against the NDA. The no-confidence motion was not taken up so far. The Speaker of Lok Sabha Sumitra Mahajan did not take up these motions citing that the house is not in order. The AIADMK and TRS parties created disturbance in the house which caused the Speaker to adjourn the Lok Sabha until today. The same Lok Sabha passed amendments to the Finance Bill and Appropriation bills in the same situation when the house was not in order and there was pandemonium in the house. The Finance Bill was passed hurriedly even though there was nearly two weeks time. Yesterday, the disturbances in the Parliament was due to friendly parties of the ruling party. The Government is having sufficient numbers to defeat the no-confidence motion. Why is the government trying to escape from the no-confidence motion? Is it in any way finding it inconvenient since one of the parties to the no-confidence motion was its ally until a few days back? Is it worried that some more allies may gang up against it?
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    The only source of information for common people on the important issues like the one under discussion is the reports published/broadcasted in public domain i.e. television news channels, newspapers, internet resources and social media etc. I feel that the precise and latest information is not made available to the public instantaneously by the concerned political parties. Therefore there may not be much gain for us in discussing such issues except quality time pass.

    However, just for the sake of discussion, I don't think that the government is afraid of facing no confidence motion. It is known to all concerned that the move is nothing but an attention seeking ploy like appearance of one MP wearing saree.

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    Everyday the session is being disrupted from the beginning to the very end by the opposition parties. Then how can the Speaker take up any motion, leave aside No-Confidence motion, for discussion? Even the Question Hour is being suspended everyday!

    How is BJP related? The disruption is being done by the opposition parties and the session is being adjourned by the Speaker. I feel that the author of this thread doesn't know the actual situation during the Budget session. Even the Budget Bill has to be guillotined due to the disruption. There was another thread on that particular issue.

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    Yesterday I think the speaker has taken up the voting process for considering the no-confidence motion whether 50 members are there or not. But at that time the TRS and AIDMK MPs disrupted and the speaker is not able to count the hands raised in favour no-confidence motion. So Loksabha is again postponed. Is it a game plan of AIDMK and TRS to stop the no-confidence motion. Because AIDMK told that they are not going to support this motion and TRS has not yet decided whom to support.
    Today in a Telugu newspaper a news has been published but I don't know the sanctity of the news. The news says some of the MPs may miss the voting as they are not very happy with the Amit Shah Modi combination and some MPs are worried about the way Modi misbehaved with Advaniji recently in the Meghalaya CM oath taking Ceremony. The news says that because of these two aspects there is a fear in the BJP. I have my own doubts about taking this news as correct.

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    This no-confidence motion seems to be taking a long time. It looks like the various smaller players are all still non-united. The thrid front players would want maximum mileage for each of them. I feel that one of them would back off this no-confidence motion and indirect support the BJP to buy back the favor at a later date. There would be a lot of behind the scenes discussions going on.
    If there is so much of chaos, then it would one of the excuses put forth as to the cause for the delay. I don't think Mr. Modi would lose this as far as the numbers are concerned. It just looks like a stalemate that everyone wants to buy time. It may be the question of who's going to take the place of TDP in the alliance. What is a cause for concern is the fact that BJP has been hitting a series of roadblocks that seem to keep coming at regular interval?

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    Most of the opposition members in Parliament are least bothered about any discussion on 'No-Confidence' motion. They believe in gimmick and cheap publicity. The Speaker has expressed her anguish over the stalemate. However, the genuine opposition (is there any?) leaders are angry because they are losing the opportunity to criticize BJP on the floor of the House. Needless to say, BJP is indirectly getting benefitted by the reckless and mindless (some may say stupid) disruption by the opposition parties.
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    The quality of the opposition is really weak and that is the reason why tend to fail in the parliament. The members are least bothered and they make voices only to make some cheap publicity. The BJP government is having a proper number of majority in the parliament. From the recent defeats of By-Poll, the BJP government needs to address some issues to the people. The Prime Minister has been silent in recent PNB Scam and the people who watch this will come to a point that the BJP government is giving some hypes here and there.
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    By the way why should the NDA government must worry on No Confidence motion as they are sure to reject it as 333 members are with BJP. The No confidence motion moved by TDP and YSR Congress party has so far able to garner 143 members assurance to vote in favour of the motion when it will be moved. Surely there is no risk for Modi government as of now. But the government does not want to take the motion on the pretext that when all the major bills and discussions are pending, what is the necessity to have the NCM which is not that urgent as per the speaker notion.
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