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    Jayanthi of Shri Hanuman ,the God of strength and a great devotee of God Shri Rama

    Hanuman Jayanthi would be celebrated on 31st of this month .We have heard a lot about this God and he is such a familiar God ,often considered as an Indian Super hero is well known by his name among Children . The looks of this God reminds us of our ancestors . He was a Great devotee of Shri Rama and like a very dear friend stood with him in his fight against evil. The God known for his ultimate power is known to remove obstacles from his devotee's life and give them new enthusiasm to fight evil and be positive .I often see devotional serials and have increased my knowledge in religious field as it interests me .It is divine to read about the God when the festival is near .People go to Hanuman temples to offer him till oil .It is believed by offering this we minimise the negatives in our life and that the God shower his blessing upon us..Reciting Hanuman Chalisa also is believed to keep the Evil Energy far from our lives. Hanuman has a special place in Hindu deities and considered as a Dear God .I would like to share some Knowledge that I have collected about Hanuman through different sources of Information such as Television as follows :

    1)There is a story of how Shri Hanuman rescued Shani Dev and so he gave a promise to bless Hanuman devotees or people offering oil to this God.
    2)Once Sita Maa was applying Sindoor on her forehead .Hanuman when asked the reason for this she replied it is for beloved Rama .Hanuman then applied Sindoor on his body to show his love for Shri Rama. Hence we see most of the statues of this God are orange in colour and Sindoor is used at his temples....
    3)Once when Sita Maa was serving food to Hanuman ,he was asking for more food as his hunger was increasing .When she asked for a solution to Rama,he advised to add Tulsi leaf to his food .It resulted in his appetite getting relaxed and succumbed his hunger .Since then when we offer sweets a Tulsi Leaf is kept on top of them .We often see Tulsi Garland bestowed to him.
    4)Devotees praise him mostly on Tuesdays and also offer oil on Saturdays .Tuesday is also Rama's day and Saturday is considered Shanidev's day .Hanuman Devotees often fast on Tuesdays to get his blessings.
    5)There is a story when Hanuman went to Paataal Lok ,a second world considered to exist in the past after crossing seven seas .He fought with Makardhwaj to get an entry . The fight was in the form of Kushti or wrestling .We see Hanuman temples near Kushti (wrestling ) grounds where the players seek blessing of this God before starting the game .
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    A good narration of Hanuman. The information given in the thread is not known to me and really it is a good learning for me. I know that people offer Hanuman Tulasi leaves garland but today I came to know why it is done. Similarly, the fight with Makardhwaj is also no known to me. This Hanuman Jayanthi is celebrated in different places on different dates. Hanuman Jayanthi celebration day is different from AP to Telangana. I don't know the reasons for this also.
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    It is new to me also as in my place that is TN we celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi during Margali month(tamil month) which comes between 15th December to 14th January and with a Birth Nakshatra called Moolam in Tamil and so usually hanuman jayanthi relates to us only this period and that is why before opening the thread, I got a confusion whether I am opening an old thread. But now I got it from the post as well as from the Rao's response.

    To be frank, earlier I used to refer Nakshatra as Star to everywhere because in Tamil we have same name Nakshatra for both birth Nakshatra and star in the sky but when I refer the star to North Indian, they have confused and when I say it as Nakshatra they got it. So within Indian regions, we have much difference as other states except TN follows mythology according to the moon while TN follows mythology according to the sun.

    Anyway thank you for the thread on Hanuman on Tuesday and also the difference between North and South regarding Hanuman is, in North, auspicious days for Hanuman in a week is Tuesday and Saturday while in south TN particularly, it is Thursday and Saturday.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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    Nice information provided by the author. Many a time when I was passing through the wrestling club, I would find standing statue of Lord Hanuman. And I thought, he being the strongest God, wrestlers too would pray for him before starting of bout. But the main reason was made known through this thread. Thanks.
    K Mohan
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    It is realised by many on getting spiritual energy by worshipping Hanuman. Hanuman,the character meant for devotion,obedience,effectively completing the assigned one. He is meant for communication and termed as 'sollin selvar' which means king of words. On finding Sita in Ashok vana,to tell this success to Lord Rama, He uttered the word,'found' in the first as He was sent by Rama to search Sita.
    Even now it is believed that Hanuman is visiting the place wherever 'Rama Japa' is on. It is a practice to keep a seat (placard) for Hanuman on the dias wherever Sundara kanta Pravachana is arranged. It has been proved in one place of Andhra Pradesh as an image of Hanuman found in the seat only in photo later.
    It is a belief among 'God believers' and needless to prove those who do not believe God.

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    I belong to Lucknow and therefore sharing one thing associated with Hanuman Ji which happens at Lucknow only. Each Tuesday from the first Tuesday to the last Tuesday of the Jyestha month of Hindu calender every year is celebrated as 'Bada Mangal' (Big Tuesday) in Lucknow since last 400 years. Though the Bada Mangal is unique to Naya Hanuman Mandir, but over the years it is being celebrated in all Hanuman Temples in and around the city.

    On the occasion of Bada Mangal the corporate houses, shopkeepers and residents erect canopies on roadside to offer free chilled sherbet, water and food to all passer-by's.

    This festival is unique to Lucknow and is the biggest example of secularism and cross-religious beliefs of people of Lucknow.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Great information about Lord Hanuman, at the local Shanidev temples, people are asked to pray to Lord Hanuman and then offer oil to Shanidev.

    At the famous Hanuman temples in Bangalore, people offer garlands of betel leaves. After winning the war in Lanka, Sita Maa saw Hanuman in a garden full of betel leaves. When Lord Hanuman fell at her feet, she blessed him and sprinkled betel leaves on him. Hence, many people offer betel leaves to him also. They also sell a trinket on an orange thread, inside will be some indoor and a small paper with the names of Lord Rama and Lord Hanuman written on it.

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