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    Lower mindset with more money vs upper mindset with less money-discuss

    Nowadays People or society value persons only with money. But we cannot say that possessing money does not lead to the attitude of a person that they will behave with others or even to their own self as high degree and vice versa too. There is a saying in Tamil Aelai sol ambalam aeradhu meaning the words of poor will not have any value.

    So this thread is to discuss with general theory as well as from their own personal experience or professional experience or societal experience.

    Members please come up with your views and discuss the pros and cons of each.
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    Many rich people are having the quality of Proudness. They want to show their richness in all their words and acts.Generally, they have scant respect for poor people. They think that everything is available at a price. So they feel that they are the kings. But when they see the ground realities and found some people who are not rich but getting the goodwill of others, they can't digest. Generally, many poor people respect the rich. They give them a lot of importance and talk to them very politely. They want to be good friends of rich people but rich people will be very selective in accepting them as their friends,
    In our village, there was a very rich man. His son was my classmate in high school. Some of the students used to go round with him always praising him. They used to get some tips and gifts from him. I never used to go to him. Those my family was a lower-middle-class family. But I used to get better marks than that boy. Once our maths teacher scolded him and told him you learn how to behave from him(referring me with his hand). The boy was very much annoyed. But my uncle is also a teacher in the school. Hence not able to do anything and kept quiet.
    Recently when I visited my village, it happened I met him. He was so kind and talking to me in a very pleasing manner and asking me to come to his house. He lost the majority of his property and managing there with his family.

    always confident

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    It is true that in general the rich people in society get more respect compared to poor people. Money is said to be a kind of power which makes much difference. Though it is true that money cannot buy everything but it is also not wrong that it can buy many things.

    Consider the example of big industrialists and corporate houses who contribute to the coffers of the political parties in the form of donations and enjoy many previleges in lieu of that. Wealthy individuals can hire Jethmalani like lawyers to defend themselves even after committing serious crimes.

    I remember having read that during Kedarnath tragedy few years back, the wealthier tourists could get preferential treatment from the helicopter rescue team and thus they could save their life.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    Yes, Kailash your point somewhere slightly nearer to my point but you yourself said money can buy different things but you have not told about money given by the people who have and their real mindset about sharing/spending money even among nearest kith and kin. While those who have less money always voluntarily share/spend in the needy hour.

    As said in your post, even request, status, and even knowledge, people relate to money and if someone has more money think that they only know everything while those who are intelligent by any chance in a status of less money, nobody will listen to them.

    There are many exceptions like Ambani helping his own kith and kin in their disastrous need of money.

    Nice to be in ISC and feel the difference.

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