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    Mobile dispenser of Diesel.

    All these days we have to take our vehicle to the petrol pumps for filling the fuel. But it looks like we need no go to the hill, the hill will come to us. The Indian OIL corporation has designed a mobile dispenser of diesel for the convenience of the customer. The safety aspects of this vehicle were checked and permission has been granted by Petroleum and Explosives Safety Organisation, the premier organisation which takes care of all licensing aspects of all petrol bunks in India. Now, this vehicle started supplying diesel at the doorsteps of some reputed customers in Pune, Maharastra. I think it will be a good convenience to the user. I hope all other oil companies will also start this facility shortly and the service will be extended to many more cities in India.
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    This is a good move, recently there was some message about private suppliers doing it in Bangalore ( This would be good in an emergency or in case people have to travel in a hurry.

    Many commodities are delivered to our doorstep by the 'Home delivery Option' as a means of customer service and a means of expanding the business.

    We need to wait and see how safe is the dispensing of diesel or petrol. This would be more amenable to adulteration and pilferages. It would also increase the competition among the local petrol bunk owners. I hope there is not rivalry and problems because two-wheeler taxis, autos and cabs drivers can be seen having heated arguments at the train stations or bus stops to pick up fares in big cities.

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    Presently, doorstep delivery of petroleum products like petrol and diesel etc. is not envisaged under the concerned statute i.e. Petroleum Act and Petroleum Rules. It is presumed that the rules are under amendment in this regard.

    Few months back the petroleum minister had tweeted about doorstep delivery of petroleum products. It appears that only after that efforts were made by the Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. to implement the scheme.

    Such vehicles may not be safe to deliver petroleum products in thickly populated area in the normal course. The petrol pump owners were also apprehensive about the scheme.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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