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    Let us discuss this beautiful and prudent quotation

    Today I have read a quotation of Marcus Aurelius. The famous Roman Emperor stated: "When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man!".

    I simply like this quote. I find this quote is apt in the present situation in India. What do the other Members think? Is the quote appropriate in present India? If yes, why? If not, why not? Should we follow the advice of the extremely prudent Roman Emperor?

    What do the Members think? Should we blindly follow that one man? Please indicate your valuable opinion.
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    I've heard of Marcus Aurelius, but not aware of his quotes. This is a thoughtful quote which sounds true and makes sense, the only catch, is the man trustworthy?

    In today's world, there is very little that is black and white, most of the events, views and humans come in different shades of grey. Most of us are not corrupt but accept a small token of gift as gratitude very well knowing that it would influence the way we interact with the person the next time. We would be obliged to help them.

    Like wise, most of us are not tax evaders or hoarders of black money but we indirectly support it when we buy articles and not insist on a bill. There are many such examples but the bottom line is, are the bunch of corrupt people so bad that the other guy looks like a saint to us? So, I would follow but with caution and the open mind to change my decision if my concerns turn true.

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    A good quote. All my comments in this thread are my views with respect to corruption and the available information to me. Not to hurt anybody or their feelings.
    If you see the last four years politics all opposition parties are trying to blame our PM Modi many times. Those people who are involved in criticizing him are like Kejriwal, Mamata, Lalu and Chidambaram so on so forth.
    There is no case of corruption so far on Modi. But the many of the opposition people including the names I have mentioned above are facing many corruption charges against them and some are already proved corrupt also.
    So the quote mentioned in the thread by the author exactly suits to the present situation in our country politics. As such it is the individual to decide whether he can follow the quotation of Marcus Aurelius the famous Roman Emperor and go as for his advise. The people who decided to follow the quotation has to support Modi now.

    always confident

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    Nowadays, a postcard has become viral in the social media with a picture of Narendra Modi and the quotation cited by the author of the thread.

    The names of many politicians are also appearing with arrows pointed toward Narendra Modi. Some of such politicians are - Lalu Yadav, Mayawati, Mamta Banerjee, K. Karunanidhi, N. Chandrababu Naidu, Sharad Pawar, Rahul Gandhi etc. Though all the politicians mentioned in the postcard are not corrupt but it do indicates that the Narendra Modi is being targeted by many.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    I do agree with this.

    The current political shows that "All Is Not Well", as this also gives us an abstract idea about the political leaders who are the seating MLA's making & implementing policies for us. Still if we not able to conclude about why our country is staying behind then the future would be unpredictable. That still we are divided on the basis of caste, community & religion & that we are not that much concerned with the development.

    There are other things which most political parties support for their benefits like the "Reservation" & the common people get befooled with this practice.

    Sadly, we have a bad habit of forgetting things.

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    The quote is very nice and can be connected to the current day politics being played by all opposition on one side and PM Modi as single man on the other side. But that single person has super power which was vouched and authenticated by so much necessity of regional parties to forcefully unite to stand against him. One thing is sure , if we going on isolate a person for no reason, that person would acquire enormous strength on his own. That is what going to happen in case of PM Modi too. The more he was hated and named by the opposition, he is going to become undisputed leader in future.
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    I also received a message in Whatsapp today in similar fashion. It has indirect reference to the opposition alliance now being tried in India. It is ascribed to Chanakya. I had my own doubts about the source alluded to Chanakya. Hence I deleted it.

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    It is from the facebook page of As explained by Mr.Kailash Kumar, a picture of Narendra Modi and all other details are there on the facebook page of the said
    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    But the issue is different. Do you support the statement? If yes, why? If not, then why not? Why are some Members bringing our Prime Minister and opposition leaders here?
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Is this actually Marcus Aurelius quote? I didn't find any link on internet that proves this. Can anyone suggest me any book where we can find this?

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    For one thing, the author has not clarified the characteristics of that one man. We cannot assume and comment unless the person is named and characteristics are explained.
    The quote was not available on the internet. Provide the link to the quote.

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    Here, we are required to discuss the quote and its applicability. A spoken sentence becomes a quote when it can be applied in many similar circumstances.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    The author has attributed this quote to "Marcus Aurelius". It becomes necessary to know the actual quotation and its source. Since you read it, give the source. I want to know the context also.
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    It is very difficult for an honest person to survive among the corrupt people as all of them will try to oust him. He will be victimised by them on one pretext or other. History is full of such episodes and the plight of such honest people is well documented.

    Even after such strong opposition if a person is able to fight and trying to bring changes in society it is definitely a welcome matter. The common public must follow and cooperate with such leaders.

    Our present PM also appears to be struggling in similar rough weather and the good citizens who want to make India a developed country must help him to achieve the goal. We should not follow anyone blindly but on the merit of the case. That is possible when we analyze things with unselfish and open mind and not with biased prejudices.

    Knowledge is power.

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    KVRR (#630446), SearchTruth (#630424)

    I also tried to relate the quote with Marcus Aurelius but could not succeed. There is a Wikiquote account with good compilation of quotes of Marcus Aurelius but the quote under discussion is not cited in the page.

    The author of thread may consider sharing his source so as to quench the curiosity of the fellow ISCians.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    This is the perfect quotation in the current scenario. Last four years Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been functioning the government with some strong hypes, but people have not got anything from this government and it needs to be changed. The one decision before Prime Minister announced that when he gets into power, the money which is in Swiss bank account will be taken back and will be put into the citizen account. The government is functioning only on the basis of extreme Hinduism.
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    This quote does not belong to Marcus Aurelius. He was a roman emperor who ruled during 2nd century where as the word "blackmail" was originated in 15th -16th century. This is the best example how IT cell is manufacturing fake news and fake quotes (in this case) and broadcast through social media and trusted websites like this. A normal person without doing fact check forwards to his watsapp group and facebook. Educated people plugs in Modi in such quotes and justifies further. Wow! this is simply amazing. The day is not far when our kids will be reading 'Modi'fied history lessons, discard scientific thinking and will inhale oxygen exhaled by our 'gau' matas.

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    It seems that some Members have not read the thread completely. For the benefit of those Members, I am quoting: 'Is the quote appropriate in present India? If yes, why? If not, why not? Should we follow the advice ..'

    In response, some Members discussed whether the quotation is originally of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor, or not.

    And the best response which has received the cash credit states: 'the day is not far when our kids will be reading 'Modi'fied history lessons, discard scientific thinking and will inhale oxygen exhaled by our 'gau' matas.'

    Hat's off to the erudite Member and the concerned Editor who has granted cash credit to the response!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    #630487: "Today I have read a quotation of Marcus Aurelius. The famous Roman Emperor stated: "When a bunch of known corrupt people unite against one man and spare no effort to ridicule him, blackmail him and attempt to assassinate his character, blindly follow that one man!" This is the first paragraph of the content of your thread.
    Do you accept that you attributed the quote to Marcus Aurelius? Why are you giving false information? What is the purpose behind it? Why is a set of people trying to falsify and propagate? It amounts to cheating. How can anyone believe what they say? Time and again the same attitude. These sort of false threads should not be allowed by the editors and management. The author is trying to act innocent.
    The response of Anju is very true. That response deserves more cash credits.

    " Be Good and Do Good "

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    "In response, some Members discussed whether the quotation is the original one of Marcus Aurelius, the Roman Emperor, or not."
    - Naturally, members are going to discuss the genuineness of the quotation since the topic you have raised is based on this quote!

    Since members have raised doubts and we have checked that the thread is based on the false claim of a quote being of Marcus Aurelius, this thread is now being closed.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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