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    Time for approval of a post by the editors

    I have posted a article of a school few days ago, but yet it is not verified by the editors. I would like to know that how much time it takes to get verified a post.
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    Please provide the url of your school submission so that our editors can give apt and right reply for your question.
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    Generally, the articles will be reviewed by the Editors in about a maximum of ten days. They go serially as per the date. But if there is a heavy workload and many articles to review it may take a little more time. The articles of well-established members in ISC and who are submitting their articles for long may get preference than others. Wait for some time and then raise a thread with reference to your article URL.
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    #630516: Do long standing members of ISC get preference over other members? I hope not.

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    Mr. Natarajan: On the contrary, new Members receive little bit encouragement and subtle preference in ISC, and senior Members don't mind.
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    Mr. Prasoon, as a lot of articles get posted everyday, so it may take sometime to review your post. Don't worry it will get reviewed in due time. I will forward your query to the concerned editors. Also, I think taking time only improves the judgement upon any article.
    Mr. Partha to ISC and their editors all members are same. I don't think preference or less importance is given to anyone. You are as precious member to us as Mr. Prasoon or any other ISC member.

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    I think Prasoon is referring to a school post and not an article. It will be reviewed as per its placement in the queue of new submissions.
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    #630519. This particular aspect I remember that I read in a reply to a post similar to this by an editor long time back. I don't remember exactly the date and other details. What exactly I mean is some people who are very regularly posting articles(that is why I used well established not Long standing or seniors) may get preference.
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