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    Start hard so that you can end with ease.

    If you take the history of any performers or achievers, they did work very hard in the beginning and as the circumstances came to their favour, they started to ease their challenge motive and thus lived continuing without thinking too much. Even those children who were hard working in their initial classes, they would feel the higher studies a cake walk and thus perform far better than expected. But this rule may not work in the offices. If you start working hard in the beginning you have to continue the same tempo , otherwise you may be bombarded with criticism.
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    Only when the foundation is robust enough and commensurate with the intended height, a stable building can be built. The same applies in the case of progress intended to be achieved by an individual.

    Hard work, dedication, sincerity, focus, devotion, determination etc. are the bricks of foundation of success. Incidentally, hard work also becomes sort of an addiction for successful persons.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    A very motivating thread. There is no doubt that well begun is half done.

    Whatever we start, it should be done with full zeal and vigor. The half-hearted effort will lead us nowhere. If we feel that a particular line is not our cup of tea then we must think twice to step in that dark terrain. Without doing homework, we should not go for new endeavors.

    Knowledge is power.

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    Yes,this is the basic principle for everything and anything. In tiny tots age it is difficult to learn abcd etc., But once learnt after hard practice,the child will read and write lastly.
    It is very difficult to learn cycling but once get the balance well, one can fly on the road; without wound nobody can learn cycling. To prepare a program in computer time will take but once finished the program, by applying the programme so many things can be done very quickly.

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    Yes, we need to work hard so that we can reach the target or complete the task in time without much worry towards the end. Be it exams, a project, building a house etc, each task deserves a set amount of reserves and our time and effort. If it is a long project, then we need to remember to space ourselves so that we do not burn out in the end before the actual task is compelted.

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    Yes, I agree with the author that we should start hard so that it can be ended with ease. It is said that well begin is half done.
    Honesty is the best policy.

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    A good start ensures a good result. Any work started with strong foundations will have good results. Many times when we know that still lot of time is there we will not go fast and complete that work. But when the last date starts coming pressure on our head will increase and in that pressure, we may do some mistakes. So it is better to start the work with good enthusiasm and plan the work correctly so that every day will be a happy day for you. The student when they start new class will not concentrate on studies but as the examination are approaching fast they will be under full tension, Whenever we have time if we finish reading our subject, we will not have much stress on us and we can fare the exams with more a free mind and chances of faring the exams well will increase. So I agree with the author that we should work hard from the beginning so that we have peace of mind and we can complete the assignment successfully.
    always confident

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