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    Do you attend the cell phone call of your family member when they are busy or sleeping ?

    Is it ethical to attend a call coming to the cell phone of your family member without their permission? Are their certain unwritten rules that are to be followed in this regard? Let us discuss this pertinent topic in this thread.

    Nowadays each family member has a cell phone and on an average four cell phones are bound to operate in each house. While it is supposed to be an indecent behavior to attend and respond to the calls for other members of the family, sometimes we have to attend such calls when the member is busy or sleeping. Normally my phones are not attended by others as it concerns to my office and my friends. Likewise, we won't attend the calls coming to my son, wife or daughter phones unless and until we are requested to do so. What about you ?
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    There are only two members in my family in India, myself and my wife. The son and daughter and their spouses and children are in USA. Therefore, we have to be very attentive to our children's phone calls whether it comes on my phone or my wife 's phone. We have to pick the call at the earliest by any one of us who is nearest to the phone. They call daily.

    Other than that also, though I generally don't pick calls of my wife but sometimes when any important call is awaited from any family member or close relative, I have to be attentive and at least see the name on phone as to who is calling. When wife is busy in some work in other rooms, then sometimes, I pick calls of family members or close relatives on her phone also when it rings repeatedly.

    Thus it depends on the circumstances.

    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    But people get offended when we receive phone calls pertaining to them without permission.
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    Normally I do attend but once a close relative sullen on me while I attended his call as he was on treatment at hospital. Since then I never do that.

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    In my home, though myself and my wife have both separate cell phone, my wife' s phone no. is given to only very close people-friends and relatives and her bank. So we know from display who is calling. If I am near the phone and my wife is away, I will attend it. We have decided not to attend any unidentified call.

    When my phone rings and I am not nearby, my wife will pick up and attend only if the incoming call identity is displayed and she is knowing them. Otherwise she will not pick it up. In our son's case, we never attend his phone, as it is password(design) protected, but just watch for any caller identity displayed to inform him.

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    At my home, I never hesitate to attend any of my family members phones. Same applies to my phone as well, I do have no restrictions to my family members to attend my calls.
    To be specific to the topic, My mother used to take a power nap in the afternoon post lunch.. When I am at home (on weekend or on holidays), I used to keep her phone on Silent and attend the call carefully without disturbing her sleep and pass the message to the caller and get the message from the caller (if any). Later My mother calls the caller and talks based on the message I receive.

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    It all depends on kind of call ,whether it is of friends or from office or somewhere else .Generally people try not to miss calls from office or job purpose when they are aware it would be an important one .If it's friends we might call back and talk later .But it would be kind to call back because they are our friends .Being living in same family people attend each other's calls is better to attend if they have permitted you . But it all depends...sometimes our people don't really think they need our permission such as Parents....we definitely need theirs....Now a days we also get marketing calls .An app like truecaller makes us aware that it is a spam number and helps us not getting disturbed by attending such calls if we don't want to.....Even friends attend each other's calls sometimes with permission and sometimes without permission if they know they trust each other and have a good bonding .....

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    I attend the call on behalf of my wife but I do not attend the call of my brother, sister, uncle or aunty without their permission. It is not fair to take or attend the call of other members of the family without their permission. My wife also attends my call on my behalf.
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    This depends on the profession, comfort level of the family members and the age difference. Generally, I do not answer daughter's phone, it will be picked up by my wife. My wife's phone will be picked up by my son or myself and we introduce and collect a message.

    When I'm asleep and there's a call, my wife usually picks it up because in my profession clients contact me for an emergency. Depends on what the matter is wife will either wake me up or pass the message afterwards.Except my number, other home phone numbers are not shared with many people.

    I think, there should not be a shroud of secrecy in the guise of personal freedom within the family. This just raises a hint of suspicion and the human mind just wanders off.If we use common sense and upon receiving the phone, quickly introduce ourselves, then the person on the other end would stop for sharing personal information or discussions meant for friends and business colleagues.

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    Depends. We decide on the basis of the name being reflected while the phone is still ringing. If something familiar then pick the call or else we should wait & inform the concern.

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    In my house, we are six majors and one minor. The minor is not having a phone so far.The other six members are having their mobiles. Generally, we will not attend the phone calls of others. But my wife will respond on my phone if I am not there nearby if the name of the person is getting displayed on the screen. Otherwise, she will not. Same is the case with me on her mobile. These days many of the younger generations will keep their mobile phones on silent and hence many times there is no chance for the second person to know about the cal. But we have a landline also. If that gives a ring anybody nearby will respond.
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