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    Imagine : If exams were oral one instead of being a written text ?

    Presently in MBBS stream , the students are tested for their efficacy and understanding of the portion in such a way that while conducting exams, there would be written pattern and also oral test, which called as VIVA. Here the lecturer would seek answers from the questions posed. Thus the candidate must be ready with answers and should not fumble or waste time. It is easy to write with thinking process, but it is difficult to say it in oral the lengthy answers and surely many would fail. Think if such system was brought in to education system.?
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    I would prefer to answer this question in a lighter vein.

    In case there is only viva voce i.e. oral examination, then it will be very difficult for students who pass the examinations by cheating only.

    Only recently, we came across news of many students abandoning the board examinations in Uttar Pradesh when vigilance over copying was tightened.

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    My post was aimed at the mall practice done in open in many of the UP exam centre but now the situation seems to be tightened this time.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Nowadays after the introduction of typewriter nearly 50 %handwriting vanished,after computer further 25% gone. If oral exam comes nearly 75% will get vanished even in the primary school level.
    For preparing examinations my father's brother asked us to practice by writing so as to write exams in good handwriting. If oral exam comes no writing of even homeworks.

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    Probably for this reasons, when the candidates passed out and go search for the jobs, they fail in the interviews which is mainly oral based.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    The students need to practice answers by writing in plain paper and they must read it and must analyze it. Students often fail in the job market is mainly due to the lack of skills which they do not possess. The teachers need to make more competent by encouraging the students to think differently when they answer in the class. Teachers need to make students speak in the class, thereby their language skills get improved. Viva Voice is mainly done in practical exams where it is having more majority.
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    If there had oral examination instead of written test, there would have great chances of corruption in India. Fortunately, this system is not present in the Indian education system. The viva is included in the practical exam only and of 25 or 30 marks. There would be great chances of partiality.
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    The VIVA VOCE system is long existing in our education system. It is not only in MBBS stream in other streams also. I had this VIVA exam during my M.Sc. But it is only for 10 marks in one subject and 30 marks for the practical exam. As mentioned in #630459, the chances for favouritism is always there. For conducting this examination an external examiner will come. But this examiner will be a friend of the teacher and the invitation will always be reciprocated. So whatever the teachers say it will go. This practical and viva voce examinations are very helpful for the teachers to ensure ranks to the favourite student. If the difference between first rank and second rank in written examination is very less, there is every chance the 2nd rank fellow will become first rank and the first rank fellow will become 2nd rank. We will see many such cases in universities.
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    There appear substance in the response #630459, Introduction of oral examination system (without requirement of keeping recordings of the oral examination) will lead to corrupt practices of unimaginable proportions. Presently, in the written examination system only copying is the prevailing malpractice but in the oral examination system, there will be scope of passing candidates with zero knowledge in lieu of certain considerations. I think still in the viva voce system in the practical examinations, students are favored by the examiners by awarding them more mark than they deserve in many cases.
    Let us encourage each other in sharing knowledge.

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    VIVA is not exactly uncommon. There are lots of fields which involves an oral exam along with a written test.
    But converting the entire exam process into a verbal kind is unethical at this point.

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    The biggest drawback would be for people who stammer and have stage-fright or just a bad day. We have theory and practicals, similar written exams and vivavoce. One compliments the other with the basic aim being a overall good method to assess candidates. One can't replace the other.

    Viva Voce would be good for a topic, where in the content or syllabus is limited and the aim is to test the depth of knowledge. A good example would be the thesis or the dissertation topic. If viva were to be the sole means, then, the assessment would be incomplete, judging logical reasoning and formulation of a plan will be sub optimal. Viva voce format is open for harassment of students by the examiners for various reasons. Substantiating the outcome of the exam, pass or fail can be tricky unless, the whole exam is video taped.

    Candidates would never like viva only because it puts them face to face with the examiner and it can intimidating and embarrassing at times. In contrast, at written exams, even if we do not have the answers for the questions, we can scribble something and quietly common. Regarding corruption, it can still happen in written exams but not the potentially larger extent in viva exams.

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