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    Have you ever felt wronged on confronting harsh reality of inevitable death?

    We had no role to play in our own birth. Our caste, creed, religion, mother tongue etc. was determined on the basis of the family in which we got born. The date, time and place of our birth was decided by God. We remained innocent in the initial years and only after growing up came to realise that we have to essentially die one day which is predetermined.

    I often feel wronged in the sense that when I had no role to play in my birth, then why I am made to face the harsh reality of inevitable death?

    Have you ever felt wronged like me on this count?
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    There is a very good saying " Galthian karo, par wahi galthi dubaraa math karna", that means make mistakes but never repeat the same mistake.In the life too while growing up, we may do mistakes and learn from it. But we should not repeat the same. For example we might have given surety for some one who was close to us and suddenly turned a cheater and thus the responsibility of repaying fell on us. Such type of mistakes, once bitten , twice shy, we should not repeat again. So the mistakes done in the past would haunt us thinking too much and that leads to various complications in life. Let the life be smooth and going. Death would come at its time.
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    I never felt like that. But I feel birth is not as per our wish and death is also not as per our wish. But we have to enact our life in between the two. I can't choose my birth and I can't choose my death. But we want to choose everything we want in between. Similarly, as parents, we can't choose our children. But we like choose everything best only to them. That is the wonder of this life. The hard facts are known but we conveniently forget and increase our wishes and desires throughout the life and put us in very difficult situations.So there is a song in Telugu which I always remember. Comin to this world is a Myth and going back is Myth but we feel in between everything is a reality.
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    In general, We led a predictable life between two major unpredictable events. A newborn cannot choose it's parents and vice-versa. Like how conception triggers changes until birth, many events if looked for carefully, would indicate the final inevitable fact which is death (chronic disease,terminal cancer, acute illness). The only difference is, death comes suddenly without any warning signs in some of us.

    We are just players on the large canvass and we keep playing out our little roles without knowing the larger picture. I don't think we should feel wronged, in fact we should be happy that we are born and given a chance to live. We should learn to accept that birth and death are part of the cycle of life in this world. Accepting reality helps in making our presence more relevant and worthy. When we feel wronged and keep thinking about the end time, we would not be focusing on actually living our lives.

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    As the author rightly pointed out we have no role in our birth as well in our death, this human birth should be utilized in a wise and good way. Whatever wealth we gained in this life time, no single paisa is going to come with us at the time of our death. All our wealth though divided by our children and relatives at least one will scold us for anything. If we spent our life time wisely for the benefit of others and spiritually to others the name will stand even after death. Also we can think of eye /organ/kidney/whole body donation after death.

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