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    Say No to plastics to save mother earth and environment.

    Today I received a very important message on WhatsApp regarding the plastic usage. It is proven that use of plastic is very detrimental and dangerous to our environment and earth. Plastic will not decompose totally. Thus, it should be used wisely and should not be thrown into the soil where agricultural activities are performed.

    It is advised not to use plastic bags given at shopping places. One should carry your own bags that are made of cloths or other biodegradable materials. This might lower the use of plastic bags and it's production too.

    Do not use water bottle available in plastic form but carry your own water bag from home while going for a picnic or to other far off places.

    I am going to follow these two suggestions. Do you agree with the message 'Say No to Plastics'?
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    I agree with the author's thoughts .We should avoid plastic things to whatever level we can..We might really not be able to not using Plastic completely at an instant because their are many useful things made up of Plastic or Combined plastic such as plastic Chairs ,plastic mats ,plastic covers etc which are already present in our houses but we can start minimizing usage or by avoiding to buy any thing in plastic in future to an extent where we get it in other forms..
    But definitely we can avoid plastic water bottles and plastic bags . Some shop keepers have already started up not giving plastic bags .So people need to carry their own .It is advisable to carry Cotton or Jute bags....

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    There has been consistent campaign since the recent past that the usage of plastic must be avoided nor bought to the minimum. Though the government wants to ban the plastics with right earnest on the request of environmentalist suggestions. some manufacturers prevailed upon changing the gauge or the thickness of the plastics and thus the business is doing as usual and the plastic usage cannot be stopped. If we throw the plastic bags, it goes deep into the soil, and the soil gets incompetent for giving its return. Moreover when animals graze for the grass, the plastic contents are bound to go in to their stomach which is dangerous and it may chock them to death. As far as possible we must use paper and cloth bags for fetching provisions and vegetables. And what ever plastic wastes are there, they must be recycled and be used for road toppings.
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    Yes, we should avoid plastic bags for our motherland. Plastic is very harmful to the environment and is a non-biodegradable material. It cannot be decomposed even in millions of years. Cattles like the cow swallows them and it is fatal for the cattle.
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    Natural materials like wood and fibers like cotton, silk, wool etc. are created by God. Such materials are biodegradable. Humans created metal from the naturally occurring ores and minerals which are non-biodegradable but can be recycled. However, a new material created by humans i.e. plastics which can also be recycled had posed a challenge for the human beings, because of its being non-biodegradable.

    Due to unabated growth in human population, the naturally occurring materials are not proving sufficient despite unmindful exploitation of natural resources, a situation which has resulted in proliferation of use of plastics.

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    Yes I agree with the author of this thread, we should avoid usage of plastic bags and plastic water bottles or should use them less. Food stored in plastic may become poisinous and will harm our health.

    And in some local markets sellers give vegetables and fruits in black or blue colored plastic covers, these covers are more harmful to our health, one should not encourage use of these covers. We should carry leather or paper bags when going to market.


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    It is next to impossible to get rid of plastics in India unless the Government steps in.

    The majority of it comes from the unaccounted commercial sector. Traders of commodities, pushcart vendors, roadside eateries, bakeries etc have to pack their goods. For an item worth 15-20 rupees, no seller would use a durable thick paper bag, they will go for the cheapest option, plastic. Just see the panipuri vendors, dosa or idli vendors, they all use a layer of plastic on the plate and while packing. Move on to the clothes and dress industry, plastic use is rampant.

    So, certainly, we should do our bit but the Government should do much more. Imagine overnight we replace the plastic bags with paper bags in India (except milk and liquids). Do we know the number of trees that have to be cut down to help in producing the paper for these paper bags? I think we would just be replacing one problem with another problem.

    We need to find a way to recycle the plastic and use the recycled non-paper material for packaging. Until then, the least people with civic awareness can do is use plastic minimally, have re-usable paper or cloth bags for most other purposes.

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    There has been a good progress in this area as more and more people are joining the campaign of not using plastics especially the plastic carry bags.

    Today in the market, there are many substitutes of these bags coming, especially the low strength fabric bags, paper bags etc but until unless we take our own bag for shopping this menace will not be eradicated.

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    There is a point in Natrajan response. If at all we replace plastic with paper bags, we will create another big problems for the environment.

    My point is, do we have any other option for plastic before banning it totally? I really don't know but certainly without plastic it will be a big problem. True, we should avoid plastic as much as possible, we should minimize of its uses but totally banning will only create another problems.

    The bigger problem will be during rainy season. How many small huts and homes are saved with plastic covers for the poor people. What will they do and how they will save themselves when water leakage enter their inside home?

    The costly goods which are getting transported one city to other in carton box, are covered with plastic not to get spoiled or damaged with rain water. How the goods will be saved?

    There are much more things which are used to get saved with plastic cover. So, banning totally will not be a good idea but yes we can make short of its uses until the other options are available.

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    We can't eliminate the usage of Plastic as per the present situation. But making limited to the bare minimum and try to collect and reprocess as many times as possible is the best solution. The main problem comes with the use and throw plastics. They create many problems. They are not biodegradable but we can incinerate them using proper incinerators. So they use and throw concept should come down drastically. The vendors can use reusable clay vessels and clean them properly by keeping them in hot water and cleaning them with hot water is the best solution for roadside vendors. It is always advisable to carry our own cloth bag or Jute bag for marketing instead of taking the material in plastic bags.
    There are many plastics reprocessing units are there. So the waste plastic should be collected separately and give them to these people. They may pay you a little money. But more than that it will be advisable to collect and give to the processor is good as the amount waste will come down.

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    Good thread & I too strongly agree to this.

    First time in my life that I have heard of Plastic pollution which is the accumulation of plastic products in the environment that adversely affects wildlife, wildlife habitat, or humans. It's normal to observe that people doing some purchasing hardly brings bags with them & ask for polythene bags in order to carry the purchased commodity. The seller can't do anything here as the customer would no longer interested then as others are into line.

    Instead & at least we can carry the polythene bags that we got from the previous purchase & in this way we can contribute to less use of plastics. It's good to know that this is hard to eliminate & there is more pollution we got this to fire.

    We need to understand this.

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